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Wednesday, August 15, 2001
ISSUE #193
193 Aug 15, 2001

COLUMBUS: The cost of meat took a sharp turn higher tonight. A lamb sold for $30,000 and an Angus steer brought $75,000. Even chicken is no bargain… a crate of hens went for $18,000. Throw in a hog for about $40,000 and you’ve got yourself a feast.

But don’t be concerned for your grocery budget. These animals were the Grand Champions of the Ohio State Fair, and most of the money will go for scholarships for hundreds of deserving young boys and girls. These kids in 4-H, FFA and other fine youth groups, work all year preparing their animals, and other projects, and they deserve all the praise we can give ’em.

Did you read about those women in Turkey? The whole town of Sirt has been without running water for a year, and the men refused to fix the pipes. The wives finally got tired of carrying water for miles and told their husbands, “No water, no sex.”

Today, the men ordered the pipe and the pump, and say the water will soon be flowing again. (This goes to show you the power of a good motivational speech, when combined with an action plan.)

This idea of wives withholding sex can work in Turkey, but not in Washington. The wives would have to get agreement from all the stewardesses, secretaries, and interns.

Historic fact about Will Rogers:

Today in history, August 15, 1935, Will and Wiley Post died when the single engine plane piloted by Wiley crashed in shallow water on the Alaska coast near Point Barrow.

“Will Rogers was more than an entertainer. While he chewed his gum and twirled his rope, his mind was busy with serious thoughts. He devoted his best mental energy to the solution of problems of national importance, and he worked tirelessly for right and justice. He deliberately trained himself to face issues squarely and to look into both sides of every question. He refused to be led aside by personal likes and dislikes, and he had small patience with petty quarrels. In every emergency he kept a level head. He kept us laughing and gave us courage. Will Rogers and Wiley Post, strong, vigorous men, loved this rugged land. They loved flying. They died as they had lived – bravely. And a nation holds them both in loving memory.” From “Will Rogers, The Cherokee Kid” (page 129), by David Milsten.


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