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Sunday, June 9, 2024
ISSUE #1210
Election Preparations, Immigration, Protesters, and Will Rogers’ Foresight for WWII.  

Election season is heating up. Here’s Will Rogers before the 1932 election, “With the elections coming on you are going to be fed a lot of hooey about a lot of things. [Both sides] are to put their best side forward. They are just trying now to figure out which side is their best.” (WA #492, May 29, 1932)

This year both sides want to get their “worst” side behind them quick. A Trump trial ended in May. The Hunter Biden trial may end this week. President Biden and Donald Trump are both hoping the debate on June 27 will showcase their “best” side.

Hunter Biden is charged with illegally buying a gun. Lord knows he needed one with all the time he spent in dark alleys buying crack. The biggest news, other than hearing from 3 or 4 of his exes, is that Hunter’s laptop computer is authentic.

You will remember that just before the 2020 election, 51 top officials from the CIA and other “intelligence” agencies signed a letter saying the laptop was “Russian misinformation.” Candidate Joe Biden repeated that claim forcefully in the final debate with President Trump. That “big lie” kept a lot of Democrat voters from switching to Trump. Instead of apologizing for the lie, the 51 so-called intelligence experts are proud of their role in swaying the election.

Attempting to put his best side forward, President Biden announced, with great fanfare, a big change on the border. He said that if more than 2500 per day cross illegally from Mexico, he will close the border. This comes after he has welcomed over 10,000,000 immigrants, flooding our cities and states with more crime and fentanyl, and a shortage of funds for housing, police, and education. However, he has ordered the Border Patrol and ICE to continue letting them all in. No change in policy. No deportations.

Are you frustrated with the “pro-Hamas” protesters? While they shout for Palestine to be free, they ignore that Palestinians have been “imprisoned” by Hamas, not Israel. They surrounded the White House yesterday, vandalizing a statue and fences with red paint, and deriding the President as “Genocide Joe.” It is Hamas that is intent on genocide, vowing to kill ALL Jews. And for any citizens of Gaza that die, Hamas is responsible. The main criticism President Biden deserves concerning Palestinians is for restricting how Israel conducts the war on Hamas.

Concerning protesters and rioters, a State Senator in Ohio introduced a bill that would require them to pay for any damage. That may sound complicated, and maybe even unfair if a “peaceful” protester gets caught up in a riot. If individual rioters couldn’t be identified, or they are broke, we all know there are big funders paying protesters. Send the bill to them. Triple the repair cost.

The 80th anniversary of D-Day in France was a great tribute to all who served in WWII, and especially to the ones who climbed the cliffs on June 6, 1944, and are still living today.

Remarkably, in the quote below, in 1925 Will Rogers foresaw America, 1940-45.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“Even when our next war comes, we will through our shortsightedness not be prepared, but that won’t be anything fatal. The real energy and minds of the normal majority will step in and handle it and fight it through to a successful conclusion. A war [World War I] didn’t change it before. It’s just the same as it was, and always will be, because it is founded on right and even if everybody in public life tried to ruin it they couldn’t. This country is not where it is today on account of any man. It is here on account of the big normal majority.” WA #115, Feb. 22, 1925


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