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Sunday, February 3, 2002
ISSUE #216
216 Feb 3, 2002

COLUMBUS: Football fans got themselves an exciting Super Bowl to talk about. The Patriots of New England had patriots all over America kinda pulling for ’em. They were underdogs, but it seemed like they had Paul Revere riding ahead on every play telling ’em what St. Louis would do next. When a team wins 20 to 17 as time runs out, you know the game is interesting enough that we ought to hear more about it than the commercials.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day. But the weather the last week of January was so warm the old groundhog was out every day doing his spring courting. By February 2, he was so exhausted the day didn’t carry any special meaning for him.

If he did see his shadow in Ohio, nobody will holler about six more weeks of this kind of winter. I haven’t seen any wild geese flying north yet, but if word of this warm weather reaches Tampa, why Ohio snowbirds will be flocking back up here before the buzzards return to Hinkley.

President Bush gave his State of the Union speech. It was to Congress, but mainly he was talking to the rest of us, and to the World. Sure, he talked about terrorism, and a little about taxes, but did you catch how he wants us to volunteer to help others in need. You may not want to pay any more taxes, but you can’t harp on the idea of giving up some of your spare time.

Some of you have already surpassed his goal of 4000 hours, but the rest of us can pitch in at old folks homes, hospitals and schools, and help feed the poor and put clothes on their back. You can do it on your own, or join with the Lions, Rotary, Jaycees, the Legion, Salvation Army or Red Cross… any of our fine service organizations. Our young folks can work through Scouts, 4-H or FFA or many others.

Now keep in mind the President wants us to volunteer our time to help out other folks. If your company gives you a day off to do some good and noble deed, that’s fine and your company deserves credit, but it’s not quite the same as volunteering.

And for you kids, raising money from adults so you can bowl all night or dance in a marathon, or selling cookies so you can go to summer camp, well those things don’t count. If you rake leaves, shovel snow, and mow grass for someone who need it, and give ’em some cookies, now you’re on the right track.

Ann Veneman, our Secretary of Agriculture, was in town Friday and I got to hear her. She reminded us how the government is helping the poor with Food Stamps and aid for infants and children. She encouraged young folks in agriculture to show kids in the towns and cities what farming is like today.

Did you know we export a fourth of our food? We may have to import oil and cars and thousands of others goods, but our farmers produce so much we ship it out. Sec. Veneman said our farmers keep growing more every year, and we need to sell more abroad because “we’re eating just about as much as we can.”

Brother, she’s right on that one. Of course if we ate every day like we do on Super Bowl Sunday, that food surplus would disappear from the farms.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“Just last Sunday I wrote an article about pro football becoming so popular because they did something besides just run up into the line and butt their heads together all afternoon. Audiences like clever passing and lots of scoring, not 0 to 0, or 6 to 7.” DT #2624, Jan. 2, 1935


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