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Sunday, June 16, 2002
ISSUE #233
233 Jun 16, 2002

COLUMBUS: This is Fathers Day. Personally, it has been a great day, and I have no complaints. But, if you think about it, almost every Sunday is good for a dad. If you really want to pay him the respect he deserves, I think we need a Monday holiday for dads.

You may say, the country already takes a lot of Mondays off work. Of course none of those holidays come in June, so I figure we can make a good case for it. If there’s too much of a yell, I suppose we can compromise… we’ll make it a national holiday, but only for dads. Everybody else will have to work.

President Bush was in town Friday. He dropped in to speak to the graduating class at Ohio State University. He mainly reminded them about his suggestion that everyone volunteer two years of service for the public good over their lifetime. Some of the students said it sounded like a good idea provided they can live off mom and dad while they do it. Especially if they can sleep till noon.

Most students felt honored to have the President here to wrap up their four years in college, or five or six. Now, having Mr. Bush come to Ohio is an honor, but it’s no novelty. He stops in every month or two to remind folks to vote Republican. Don’t be surprised if he is back for the State Fair in August.

The President is encouraging Israel to recognize the Palestinians, to let ’em have a piece of land to call their own. Israel says, “We will do it, but not till we finish building this fence around ’em. We will recognize the Palestinians, but only if they stay on the other side of the barb wire.”

The fence will have an electric charge added to it. Mr. Sharon wanted to add a moat, but they would have to truck the water too far. Mr. Arafat probably would not object to the fence if, while it was keeping his Palestinians on one side, it kept the Israelis on the other.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:

“Father had a day, but you can’t find anybody who remembers when it was. It’s been so confused with April the first.” Radio broadcast, May 12, 1935

“I propose a Father’s Day. No flowers, no fuss, just let him use the car himself and go where he wants to. But we will never live to see such a contented day.” DT #1183, May 11, 1930


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