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Sunday, January 19, 2003
ISSUE #257
#257 January 19, 2003

COLUMBUS: Since the end of college football season two weeks ago the rest of the country, and the world, has moved on. But not Ohio. Yesterday the state turned out to pay homage to their championship team. They held the celebration in the stadium, and 50,000 fans came out in 10 degree weather to see them. That’s the most that ever showed up to see one team. Lots of time two teams don’t draw 50,000, even when it’s 70.

The band marched and performed “Script Ohio”. Ten senior football players dotted the i, and not one of them has ever played a tuba.

Instead of one television station, where you normally get to see a game, this ceremony was on three. And it was covered by the Goodyear blimp. You won’t even see that at the Super Bowl.

Coach Tressel thanked the fans, the Mayor renamed a street, and the Governor asked everyone to buy more lottery tickets to help balance his budget.

That new street name is “Champions Lane”. At one point a railroad crosses above it, and it won’t be long till there’s a sign calling it “Tressel’s Trestle”.

War protesters were in Washington yesterday, and other cities, marching against war. The newspaper showed them protesting in different spots around the world, in just about every country except where’s there’s a war. Those birds are smart enough to avoid the line of fire.

They even had an anti-war rally in Iceland. Did I miss some news? Do they expect an invasion by Greenland?

Tampa Bay and Oakland are set for the Super Bowl next Sunday in San Diego. I expect several of those fans in Florida will fly out for the game. It’s pretty chilly down there this week so southern California looks mighty inviting.

Most of the Raiders fans will drive. They wear so much metal, they can’t get through airport screening.

Historic quote from Will Rogers: (exactly 76 years ago this week)

“COLUMBUS, Ohio: Dr. Wilce, the Ohio State coach, just showed me their new stadium, seating 100,000, built by hard study and excellent scholarship.
They can seat 200 students to every book in the university. They lost to Michigan by a kick after touchdown. [17 to 16, on Nov. 13] He has 400 students practicing day and night in relays to kick goals.

P. S. I suggested they practice making another touchdown, then they wouldn’t have to worry about the goal kicking.” DT #139, Jan. 14, 1927

Note: the stadium actually held about 62,000. Expansion brought the capacity to 100,000 in 2001.


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