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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
ISSUE #262
#262 February 25, 2003

COLUMBUS: I put down the snow shovel long enough to write to you. It’s bad enough here, but a whole lot worse other places, maybe where you are. There’s places where trees knocked down power lines, and no electricity for a week. No telephone. No internet. No running water, except what they run down to fetch from the river.

The only relief for some was the mailman. He managed to complete his rounds, delivering the spring catalogs and the Swimsuit issue. Those girls brighten up a room better than a kerosene lantern.

Folks in the middle west are ready to trade their snow shovels for a golf club.

Speaking of golf, Anika Sorenstam is practicing to take on Tiger and the boys in Ft. Worth. She’ll beat some of those guys. When Switzerland wins a yacht race it don’t seem so far fetched. In fact, next time there’s an Olympic bobsled race, you might want to put some money on Jamaica.

I’ll keep this short so you don’t have to refuel the generator on my account.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:

“(We’re) right in the middle of the Olympics… About ten days ago before it started why one day out at our studio they brought all the girl athletes out there for lunch and to see the studio… You musent miss meeting this Texas wildcat (Babe) Didrickson, she just believes that she can do anything, and the funny part about it is she can. There is none of the sports that she can’t do and do well. She is an athletic marvel. Played ten games of golf and makes it in 82. They say that’s pretty good. I don’t play the game, but they say it is. She is within three fifths of a second of Helen Madison’s (swimming) record.
This old Texas girl said she would ride, rope, or play polo against me, and I bet she could beat me in any one of ’em. I sure don’t want to get mixed up with ’em in any of these games, or out of ’em.”
 WA #502, August 7, 1932

“Say “Babe” Didrikson (Zaharias) scaled over another bunch of hurdles yesterday. This time it was the A.A.U.’s that got down on their all fours and she hopped right over them… “Babe” has always beat women. This is the first time she has ever entered the male ranks and showed them up.” DT #1993, Dec. 23, 1932


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