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Monday, September 17, 2007
ISSUE #472
#472, Sept. 17, 2007

Looking over the candidates and the airlines

COLUMBUS: Well, I’ve laid off the Presidential candidates for a few weeks. Not much has changed. According to the latest polls there is still more people running for President than there is paying attention to ’em.

Senator Clinton announced her health insurance plan. Says it will work just like automobile insurance; anybody that drives a car has to buy insurance. Sounds like a good plan, and it might work if everybody bought it. But if every driver has to have insurance, why does a portion of my insurance bill go to cover the “uninsured motorist”? Mrs. Clinton will have as much luck telling everyone to buy health insurance as the New Hampshire legislature does telling other states when to hold their primaries.

Fred Thompson joined the fray for the Republicans, and Newt Gingrich is inching closer to the sideline. If the Republicans can round up a couple more prospects they might yank out the whole first team and send in the backups.

For the Democrats, they still got so many players on the field there is no one on the bench ready to jump in, except maybe Sally Field. Did you see her on the Emmys? Her only mistake was announcing her campaign on Fox. After about fifteen seconds they cut her off. A lot of these Presidential contenders would be surprised how many viewers want to cut them off around ten. But you just watch, if Sally wants it Larry King will give her a full hour.

The airlines have caught a lot of flak this summer for cutting service and canceling flights, and a few deserve it. But on Southwest Airlines they run on time and they still serve the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner as they did thirty years ag a bag of peanuts. Same drinks too. The only suggestion I have for improvement is in the gate area at the airport: instead of making you stand in line for the best seats on the plane, arrange the seats in the waiting area in three rows. That way you pick a seat in either the A, B, or C row, and that’s the sequence you get on the plane.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers: (80 years ago)

“The trouble with the Democrats is that they all want to run for President. If they had somebody on their side that would announce he didn’t choose to run, why he would be such a big novelty that he would be nominated by acclamation.” DT #355, Sept. 11, 1927

“I flew in a plane today piloted by [Charles] Lindbergh, from San Diego to Los Angeles. You have never seen him at his best till you sit out in the pilot’s seat by his side. When he has a plane in his hands there is no careworn or worried look. That’s when he is in his glory.

He brought eleven of us, including my wife, on a wonderful trip in a giant three- motored Ford plane. When Ford takes to the air, aviation is assured.” DT #365, Sept. 22, 1927


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