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Sunday, November 18, 2007
ISSUE #479
#479, November 18, 2007

Football rivals and Presidential candidates

COLUMBUS: College football is wrapping up. Teams like to save their biggest rival till the end of the season. Almost everybody has a favorite match up. Here, Ohio State beat Michigan again to end the Big Ten season.

Your school may have another game or two before the Bowl games begin. You can expect more upsets. Nothing has been as predictable this year as unpredictability. If your team isn’t ranked near the top, why you’re fortunate.

Before we even crown a college football season champion, the political season has it’s first battle in Iowa. Iowa kinda lost interest in football this fall, so they’re tuning in early to the Presidential candidates. New Hampshire never did have much interest in football, so politics is a year-round sport.

Did you see the Presidential debate on CNN from Las Vegas? None of these debates are good for the candidates. There’s too many up there; by the time one finishes talking you’ve forgotten the question, and after each one gets a turn, you forgot what any of ’em said. Instead of televising it nationally whatever was said in Las Vegas should have stayed in Las Vegas. Except Joe Biden; he got a few laughs. Some others drew laughs, just not on purpose.

Last week I told you about the drought in the Southeast and Congress passing a water bill. Well, the Georgia governor called a meeting to pray for rain, right there in the Capitol Building. Some said he shouldn’t do that, you know, praying on state property. But it did rain, so even the critics had to admit it more likely came from the Almighty than from Congress.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:

“The football season is about over. Education never had a more financial year. School will commence now. Successful colleges will start laying plans for new stadiums; unsuccessful ones will start hunting a new coach.” DT #414, Nov. 20, 1927


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