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Sunday, December 9, 2007
ISSUE #481
#481, December 9, 2007

Oprah steals the Presidential campaign show

COLUMBUS: The big campaign news this week is not Romney’s speech, or Huckabee’s prayers or Clinton’s drivers license plan for Mexicans. No, the big news is Oprah.

She spoke to 20,000 in Iowa, then 75,000 in South Carolina, with another stop planned in New Hampshire. If all those folks vote in the primary it’ll set a new record.

Oprah made quite an impression with her speeches, broadcast live on national television. And she has already affected the presidential polls. There’s a new Number 2 in Iowa and South Carolina: Oprah Winfrey.

After her Iowa speech a woman walked out of the building beaming, “Seeing Oprah in person was such a thrill, but I don’t recognize the man she kept talking about. What happened to Stedman?”

When Sean Penn heard that Oprah was going to campaign for Senator Obama, he started calling up the other candidates, to let ’em know he’s available. Clinton said “no thanks”, Edwards said “no”, Richardson, “no”, Biden “hell no”. Finally, he got a yes, from Dennis Kucinich. At their first appearance together, 13 people showed up, including one with a cell phone video camera.

The CIA is used to doing the grilling, but today they’re the ones on the hot seat. Seems they videotaped an interrogation of one of the terrorists, and then burned the tape. Now I ain’t meaning to get in the middle of an argument between the CIA and Congress, but it appears Congress wants to know if the terrorists were tortured, and the CIA just wanted to keep the video off YouTube. The question Congress ought to be asking is, “What did the terrorists tell you, and where is Bin Ladin?” Then let the CIA get back to business, whatever that is. Keeping an eye on Ahmadinejad in Iran is not a bad idea, even if he says he had no interest in a nuclear bomb.

Historic quote from Will Rogers:

“While I had my head turned and wasn’t on the radio, Hitler broke out on me. I thought I had him covered. Hitler broke out on me and tore up the Versailles Treaty. It wasn’t a good treaty, but it was the only one they had. And he tore it up. They was a year making it, and he tore it up in about a minute.” Radio broadcast, March 31, 1935

Note: Hitler’s action appalled the French and British, but they did nothing except lodge protests and start negotiations with Germany on nonaggression pacts.


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