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Sunday, February 24, 2008
ISSUE #491
#491, Feb. 24, 2008

Weekly Comments: Presidential primaries reach pinnacle

COLUMBUS: Just when you thought the Presidential race had narrowed to three Senators, why up steps Ralph Nader for another crack at it. Senator Obama and Senator Clinton were not too thrilled at the news, but Senator McCain seemed excited that he is no longer the “old man” in the race. I guess neither McCain or Nader got the word this is no country for old men.

Nader announced his platform today. He wants to pull out of Iraq in six months, raise taxes on the rich, and require that General Motors recall all the Corvairs.

I’m not forgetting Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee. They’re still campaigning. In fact Gov. Huckabee appeared on Saturday Night Live and drew a bigger audience than the CNN Obama-Clinton debate. In fact Huckabee was funnier than Jon Stewart on the Academy Awards. Now Jon is a fine comedian, but his writers were on strike so long they’re rusty.

Congressman Paul, with his 16 committed delegates, continues his run on the internet. If only he could get the voting done by e-mail, and not just fund raising, he might get in there.

All these candidates are swarming over Ohio, with a few side trips to Texas and Rhode Island. Television reporters are saying these primaries on March 4 will decide the election. Of course the same reporters said February 5 would decide the election.

Ohio knows it may be the deciding state on November 4, so the Secretary of State is spending millions to get the latest, fastest, foolproof, and one hundred percent accurate voting method in place for the election. Know what it is? Don’t laugh, it’s paper ballots.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:

“Here was Jimmy Cox, a fine man, and Governor of (Ohio). He had never been in the Senate, but that should have been an asset instead of a liability. The Senate has furnished more officeholders and less Presidents than any industry we have.” Saturday Evening Post, May 1, 1926

“If all these various third parties would just look at their history (it) shows that none of them ever did get in (the White House).” Radio broadcast, April 21, 1935


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