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Sunday, April 27, 2008
ISSUE #498
#498, April 27, 2008

Candidates take aim on Indiana and N. Carolina

COLUMBUS: The Democrats in Pennsylvania voted to draw out the campaign a while longer. They said, If we can hold up for six weeks of this onslaught, then North Carolina and Indiana should be able to survive for two.

Farmers in the Midwest are planting corn, some of ’em sixteen to eighteen hours a day. Of course they want to get all their fields planted, but these long work days is partly just an excuse to get away from all the political commercials on televison.

If the airlines could make money off these candidates the way the television stations do they wouldn’t be going broke. Maybe they could sell ’em ad space on the sides (and bottoms) of their planes and fly at five thousand feet instead of thirty so everybody on the ground could read them. Hang a banner off the back the way you see ’em flying during big football games.

Chicago has jumped back in the news. They were last known as the “Murder Capital of the Country” in the 1930s, and they’re dead set to win back the title. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton is over in New York getting everybody riled up, armed, and ready to shoot. Then kind of in the middle between them is Detroit where Reverend Jeremiah Wright was firing away Sunday night at a meeting of 10,000. Of course, he was using words, not bullets. I don’t know which city’s gonna “win” this battle, but you all know which people are gonna lose.

Senator Obama wishes his Rev. Wright would lay low for a few months, but Barack has as much chance controlling him as Hillary does with Bill.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:

“Democrats never agree on anything. That’s why they’re Democrats. If they could agree with each other, they would be Republicans.” Saturday Evening Post, May 1, 1926

“Just passed thru Chicago. It’s not a boast, it’s an achievement… To try and diminish crime they laid off six hundred cops. Chicago has no tax money… What they’ve got to do is to tax murder. Put such a stiff tax on it that only the higher class gangsters can afford it.” DT #1079, Jan. 9, 1930

“Machine Guns have helped Chicago; the novelty of the weapon has as much to do with it as the prominence of the ones annihilated. Detroit is still shooting with pistols… This is what I told the [Detroit] Mayor, and you just notice from now on if you don’t see an improvement in publicity with Detroit’s crime. They won’t have to increase it. It’s just getting it known, that’s what they need.” WA #216, Jan. 30, 1927


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