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Sunday, May 23, 2010
ISSUE #604
#604 May 23, 2010

One prominent leader is still encouraging travel to Arizona

COLUMBUS: The President of Mexico visited Washington last week and he was invited to address Congress. That’s quite an honor.
Now, in his speech I would not have blamed him if he wanted to get a laugh by poking fun at one of our states. I’ve sure told my share of jokes on Texas. But instead of joking, the Mexican President sharply criticized a state and I expected him to get booed and hissed. But he got applause. A standing ovation from more than half our Senators and Congressmen. The reaction in Congress left me scratching my head. Then I remembered something that explains the love for him regardless of what he says. President Calderon has a degree from Harvard.
You may have heard that our Columbus mayor has taken a stand on the Arizona law. He’s against it, and therefore is forbidding any city employee to travel to Arizona. So Columbus has joined the mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco and the Chicago School Board in the Arizona boycott. Seems the only one encouraging travel to Arizona is Calderon.
Personally, I think if our mayor is looking for a place to boycott he should prohibit travel to Washington, DC. That’s the source of the majority of cuckoo ideas infiltrating the country today. If our mayor is so interested in the laws of other states, I bet he could find at least one law in every one of them that he disagrees with. Why, I bet Oklahoma has at least fifty laws on their books that he could take offense to. Yes, Mr. Mayor, prohibit city employees from traveling to any state, even Cleveland.
If word of this boycott by Columbus gets out, I’m afraid of the consequences. See, there’s thousands and thousands of good ole country folks that travel to Columbus from all over for the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, State Fair, and quite a few conventions. They may decide to stay home, or find a more law-abiding place to spend their time and money.
Los Angeles might have to reconsider their Arizona boycott. They get a quarter of their electricity from Arizona. They even need electricity to pump their water. Why, Hollywood may have to watch their movies in the dark, sitting beside an empty pool. Sipping on (dry) martinis.
Did you hear about the TV network commentator who got all excited watching the live interview Saturday with three mothers? They had just returned from visiting their adult children who had been jailed as illegal immigrants. His exuberance was deflated when he realized the immigrants were not jailed in Arizona, but Iran.
In other news, gas is down to $2.50. It was expected to top $3.00 but Greece and half of Europe are broke so they parked their cars. The bankers and Wall Street are being reformed in accordance with the financial wizards in Congress, led by Senator Dodd and Congressman Frank. We better fill up and hit the road while we still have some loose change in our pockets.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:
“The (Hoover) dam is entirely between Nevada and Arizona. All California gets out of it is the water.”
 DT #1900, Sept. 6, 1932

“(Wall Street) was a great game while it lasted… But all that has changed, and I think it will be good for everything else. After all, everybody can’t just live on gambling.  Somebody has to do some work.” WA #361, Nov. 24, 1929


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