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Sunday, August 15, 2010
ISSUE #616
#616 Aug. 15, 2010

Economic Solution: pay public employees with food stamps, post-dated

COLUMBUS: This Summer of Recovery has turned into a Season of Requesting More Handouts. With more people unemployed and losing their homes, government unions asked Congress for $26 Billion to keep their annual salary increases intact. Congress approved, figuring a million happy government workers will mean a million more votes in November. And compared to the other handouts lately, $26,000 for a sure vote looks like a good investment.

Congress came up with a new scheme to pay for these salary increases, with $26 Billion that’s been promised for food stamps… now get this… 4 years from now. Well, as silly as that sounds, they’ve been doing the same thing with the Social Security fund for years. Here’s a suggestion. Let these teachers and government workers keep their jobs and their higher salaries, but give them 10 percent of their pay in food stamps, post-dated to 2014. And here’s another thing: they’ll be allowed to pay all their union dues and contributions with these post-dated food stamps. Food stamps will become the new currency for government unions.

But it ain’t just the public employees unions with their hands out. There was a horde of unemployed folks protesting on Wall Street, and you know what they wanted? They weren’t after jobs. No, what they want is for the unemployment checks to keep on coming. They weren’t after work; they wanted a dole. It’s a shame. We’ve got 7 million long-term unemployed, nobody’s hiring (at least not hiring these folks), and the government is creating government jobs as fast as good politics allows but it’s not enough to soak up all these millions that are out of work.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac heard about the free money from Congress, and they popped up again. See, they kept their heads down and out of sight while all the financial reform arguing was going on in Congress, but now they’re back. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero on money for banks, and these two still claim they can’t break even loaning it out.

President Obama took his family to Panama City, Florida, for a day at the beach and to inspect the Gulf of Mexico. With not a speck of oil in sight, he declared the Gulf is open for swimming. He would have gone to Florida sooner, but he had to wait for Mrs. Obama to return from a week in Spain where she was inspecting the Mediterranean.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers:
“The only problem that confronts this country today is at least 7,000,000 people are out of work.  That’s our only problem. It’s to see that every man that wants to (and) is able to work, is allowed to find a place to go to work.” Radio, Oct. 18, 1931

“Our President left for a quiet vacation with twelve carloads of cameramen, reporters, cooks, valets, maids, butlers, doctors, military and naval attaches. I saw King George when he left Buckingham Palace in London last Summer for his vacation, and you could have put all he and Mary both had in a Ford truck.” DT #281, June 15, 1927

“…if (the President) had the authority to keep Americans at home one summer and made them see their own country, it would be the greatest thing that ever happened to this Country, and incidentally give Europe a chance to laugh at something else beside us… There ought to be a law passed in Congress that no one was allowed to receive a Passport to leave this country till they had visited New Mexico and Arizona.” WA #222, March 13, 1927


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