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Sunday, May 1, 2011
ISSUE #653
#653 May 1, 2011

The news about bin Laden came just as I was finishing this column Sunday night. Osama bin Laden had been at war with us for about 20 years. Let’s pray that his death will bring about change in the Middle East and among Muslims around the world.

Osama bin Laden DEAD
May 1, 2011

COLUMBUS: Congress has been off for two weeks. The news void was filled mainly by Donald Trump. And a wedding.

The debt limit on our Visa card is about to be topped. Can you imagine this conversation between you and your banker?
“Yes, I know you have raised my credit limit several times. You doubled it in less than ten years, but I still need to borrow more.”
“Sir, you are a valued customer. What are you doing to get your finances in order?
“Well, we printed a bunch of dollar bills recently. Of course we printed twice as many a couple years ago, and that didn’t help either. Our debt just keeps rising. Say, maybe you could lower our interest rate again. Pretty please.”
“Sir, the interest rate we charge you is already down to zero. And what was that you said about counterfeiting money?”
“Counterfeiting? No, no, we would never counterfeit. We call it quantitative easing. It spends just like real money. Nobody even notices what we’ve done until they go to buy something, like gasoline or food.”
“Sir, our Board of Directors meets this week. I’ll let you know what they decide about your credit limit.”

Back in the real world, weather is raising havoc across the country. You know about the deadly tornados in Alabama and other southern states. In the Midwest it rained the whole month of April, and farmers have not planted any corn or soybeans yet. In fact most farmland has more ducks on it than tractors. By the time the water drains off and the land is dry enough to plant, most farmers will already know they can’t possibly get as many bushels as last year.

Oh, I need to apologize to you folks. Last week I was complaining that gas prices were up to $3.90. Well, my little comment riled up the oil companies so much, the next day they raised it to $4.15. So I’m laying off oil.

Last week President Obama said he did not have a “silver bullet” to lower oil prices. Well, the one that took out Osama bin Laden may be a start to lower prices.

The President announced he wants to end the $4,000,000,000 subsidies to oil companies. It sounds like a reasonable plan to help reduce the debt. But no, he wants to give the $4,000,000,000 to solar and wind companies instead. Then there are other reasonable folks who want to end the subsidy for ethanol from corn, and payments to farmers. They all say they want to lower the price of gasoline and food. Well, that would probably have the opposite effect. Do you think eliminating subsidies on solar and wind would lower their cost? Not a chance.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:
“A war over religion is really the most bitter.”
 WA #350, Sept. 8, 1929


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