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Sunday, June 24, 2012
ISSUE #713
#713, June 24, 2012

Supreme Court on hot seat

COLUMBUS: The Supreme Court is reaching a deadline on the health care law. They have been pondering on it for weeks. I got ‘em figured out on the announcement. They will have their limos waiting with the engines running so they can make a quick getaway as soon as the verdict is read. Meanwhile, President Obama’s representatives and the Republicans will have their responses ready no matter which way it goes. Each side is rehearsing their reactions, whether it’ll be sad, giddy, disappointed, elated, disgusted or simply confused.
Before they get to the health care law, the Supreme Court will decide if Arizona can arrest people who are not in the U.S. legally. Attorney General Holder says it’s ok for Arizona to ticket a driver for rolling through a stop sign, but they can’t arrest him if he looks foreign, even if he has no license. The governor says illegal immigrants are costing the state billions for education, health care and law enforcement and she wants to send them home.
President Obama announced a way for young illegal immigrants to become legal and stay here, at least as long as he is president. All they have to do to is turn in their parents. In fact the parents kinda have to hand themselves over to the Border Patrol. They must write a letter that essentially says, “We sneaked across your border with our (son/daughter)  _____________ when he/she was only ___ years old.  Come and pick us up and deport us back home where we belong. Our kid is now your responsibility.”
The Senate passed a Farm Bill. Mind you, 80 percent of the budget goes to food stamps, but farmers will get the blame for recklessly profiting off the other 20%.  Before it’s official it has to get passed in the House, and Frank Lucas of Oklahoma will make sure no shenanigans get stuffed into the final version. They are trying to reduce the cost, and the best way would be to get our unemployed back to work so they don’t need food stamps.

In the Midwest, farmers were delighted with the early, dry spring. Corn and soybeans got planted early, and wheat harvest is way ahead of schedule. But the dry spring turned into a dry summer and farmers aren’t so thrilled. The No. 1 prayer request at church on Sunday is for rain.
Gasoline prices are coming down. Some folks are only putting in a half tank because they expect it to be a nickel cheaper when they run low again.  When President Obama took office in 2009 it was less that $2.00 because of the recession.  If it gets back that low by election day, do you suppose Republican voters will give him credit for lowering prices to 2009 levels?
Last week officials measured the ocean level along our Atlantic coast and discovered it is 5 inches higher than 20 years ago. Well, that just shows you how fat we have become. When our summer swimmers cause the ocean to rise 5 inches… maybe Mayor Bloomberg is right. If someone insists on drinking a half gallon of Coke, don’t let ‘em near the water.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“It rained in the Middle West. Farmers are learning that the relief they get from the sky beats what they get from Washington.” DT #2445, June 4, 1934
“If a farmer could harvest the political promises made him, he would be sitting pretty.” 
WA #403, Sept. 14, 1930


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