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Sunday, January 17, 2021
ISSUE #1046
A Democrat replaces a Republican: 2021 and 1933

A Democrat is replacing a Republican in the White House after one term.

In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated President Herbert Hoover. FDR was inaugurated March 4, 1933. Dramatic changes came in the following weeks. Here’s Will…

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“America hasn’t been as happy in years as they are today… They know they got a man in there who is wise to Congress, wise to our big bankers and wise to our so-called big men… Even if what he does is wrong, they are with him… If he burned down the Capitol we would cheer and say, ‘Well, we at least got a fire started anyhow.’” DT #2054, March 5, 1933

“Say this Roosevelt is a fast worker. Even on Sunday when all a President is supposed to do is put on a silk hat and have his picture taken coming out of Church, why this President closed all the banks and called Congress into extra session, and that’s not all he is going to call ‘em either if they don’t get something done.” DT #2055, March 6

“Mr. Roosevelt stepped to the microphone last night and knocked another home run. His message was not only a great comfort to the people, but it pointed a lesson to all radio announcers and public speakers what to do with a big vocabulary: leave it at home in the dictionary.” DT #2062, March 13

“America can carry herself and get along in pretty fair shape, but when she stops and picks up the whole world and puts it on her shoulders she just can’t ‘get it done.’” DT #2063, March 15

“I tell you things never was looking better. And Congress! I want to go on record as giving those rascals a world of credit. They have reformed and they look like they are sorry for what they have done for years.” DT #2065, March 17

“(Roosevelt) has done more for us in seven weeks than we’ve done for ourselves in seven years.  We elected him because he was a Democrat, and now we honor him because he is a magician…  He’s a fast worker.  He was inaugurated at noon in Washington, and they started the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, and before it got half way down there, he’d closed every bank in the United States… You’d be surprised at the hordes of Republicans who are crawling up to this shrine in Washington to pay their respects to this modern messiah, this maverick that once disgraced the Roosevelt clan…We’ve given you more power than we ever give any man in the history of the world.  You take it and run it if you want to, and deflate, or inflate, or complicate, or insulate.  Do anything, just so you get us a dollar or two every now and again…  The whole country’s cockeyed anyhow, and we’re just appointing you, and you take it… God bless you.” Radio, April 30, 1933


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