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Sunday, May 10, 2015
ISSUE #832
Adding excitement to the Presidential debates

Are you getting excited about the 2016 Presidential election campaign? Well, neither is anyone else. Except maybe the candidates and a few commentators.

Regardless, with only 17 months to the election, the Democrats and Republicans have announced a schedule of debates. The Democrats will hold six, with the first one in Iowa in early September, at an undisclosed location. It’s undisclosed because they don’t want hordes of fans lining up weeks in advance. I propose they hold it in the showroom of a John Deere dealer in Dubuque, next to a gas station that sells ethanol and biodiesel. That’ll help get the farm vote.

The big question is, who will be onstage with Hillary Clinton?  It may be just her and a couple of empty chairs. Of course, the Democrats will round up someone to sit there, likely Bernie Sanders of Vermont. And maybe the Governor of Maryland, but I forget his name.

The Republicans say they will hold 9 debates. They’ll need 6 of ‘em just to introduce all the candidates. Their first debate will be in Cleveland in August. Because of expected high demand they will use the Browns football stadium. It holds 70,000, which should be enough seats… for the candidates. Spectators can bring lawn chairs and sit on the field.

I have an idea to help the Democrats draw some viewers. (Does anyone really want to watch 90 minutes of Mrs. Clinton not answering questions?)  I suggest they invite a couple of the Republicans to join their debate. How about Carly Fiorina, Dr. Carson and Donald Trump? They might get lost among all the Republicans, but up there with Clinton, those debates could outdraw the World Series. Might even stir up memories of Lincoln-Douglas.

In California, the water shortage is getting worse. The snowpack, what there was of it, has mostly melted. Do you remember that Gov. Brown ordered whole cities to reduce water use by 25 percent? Well, in the first month the reduction was only 4%, so he’s going to get serious. Swimming pools may only be refilled with water from the bathtub. The new status symbol in Hollywood is a brown lawn.

Whether the governor will reduce the water flowing freely to the ocean, I’ve got my doubts. Near as I can tell, that reduction has been zero percent.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

          “Debates don’t settle nothing, but they are entertaining.” WA #637, March 10, 1935


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