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Monday, August 16, 2021
ISSUE #1074
Afghanistan Disaster

The stunning collapse of the Afghanistan government and their ‘highly trained’ military has interrupted my intended comments. Were they ‘highly trained’ by the French? (That’s an old World War II jab.) How is it possible that the Taliban soldiers seem to be better trained than the Afghan military? Did they receive training in Iran, Pakistan, or even China?

The Afghan leaders claimed their troops were ready to defend against the Taliban terrorists. The troops may have been well equipped and trained to use weapons. However, ingrained tribal culture prevented most from gaining a desire for freedom and democracy as we know it. A month ago, President Biden insisted the Taliban didn’t have a chance because they were outnumbered 300,000 to 75,000. Today it appears that Goliath was a paper tiger.

Our government and military made plenty of mistakes. Ignore the first 19 years since 9/11/2001 for a moment. Focus on our withdrawal. Why not keep one or two of the Air Bases instead of abandoning all seven? Support from our Air Force was the main advantage the Afghan soldiers had over Taliban soldiers. Why did we leave Humvees, drones, and other high-tech fighting equipment for the Taliban to use against us? The Taliban are slaughtering Afghans who worked with us, and their families. Why didn’t we get these trusted comrades out while we still had military in place?

We have abandoned women and girls. Did you see the hordes of men trying to get on our Air Force transport planes? No one was trying to put females on “lifeboats” first. Girls and young women are in imminent danger.

This is an international embarrassment for the United States of America.

I was disappointed in today’s speech that Biden did not warn the Taliban against harming Americans while the evacuation is occurring. He should have also demanded protection and safe passage for Afghans who helped us.

The President said he was committed to leaving because of Trump’s agreement. Ironically, this is the only one of Trump’s actions he has agreed with. Of course, Trump supporters say he would have listened to his military advisors and had an orderly withdrawal instead of a catastrophe.

Biden also said he did not want to saddle another President with Afghanistan. I guess we’ll have to wait, but I wouldn’t bet against another terrorist like “bin Ladin” organizing more attacks from Taliban territory.

I think I’ll stay off airplanes this September 11.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“Somebody is always telling us how to prevent war. There is only one way in the world to prevent war, and that is, for every nation to tend to its own business. Trace any war that ever was and you will find some Nation was trying to tell some other Nation how to run their Business… There is a war in Morocco. They don’t want the French and Spanish in there… Why don’t we let the rest of the World act like it wants to?” WA #133, June 28, 1925


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