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Sunday, August 29, 2021
ISSUE #1076
Afghanistan Got Worse

Last week I quoted President Biden who said, “A lot could still go wrong.”

Well, it did go wrong. Twelve Marines and one Navy medic were killed (so far) and several others were severely injured. An estimated 200 Afghans were also killed. This was the result of one suicide bomber the Taliban allowed to reach the gate into the Kabul airport.

Use any name you want for those evil, gutless men: ISIS-K, Al-Qaeda, Taliban. They are radical Islamic terrorists. They hate us. They hate Europeans. They hate anyone who does not follow Mohammad and the Quran. They fight among themselves and don’t mind killing other Muslims. Their goal is to destroy Western Civilization and replace it with Sharia Law. They don’t care if we are WOKE or practice Equity or are scared to death of global warming.

If you’re tired of battling Islamic terrorists since the 1990s, consider that they have been attacking Americans (and Europeans) for more than 200 years. President Thomas Jefferson, and later President James Madison, had our Navy and Marines attack the Barberry Pirates rather than paying tribute (bribes) so they would leave our commercial ships alone. The Marine hymn includes a reference to those battles along the coast of North Africa, “… to the shores of Tripoli.”

Soon after the terrible news was broadcast, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on television touting National Women’s Day. (Did she mention that the 2 of the 12 Marines were WOMEN? Did she point out a main reason our military stayed in Afghanistan is to help women and girls have the same rights and opportunities Pelosi and other females enjoy in this country?)

Back to the Taliban. The spokesman for the Taliban made it clear; they want our military out by midnight August 31. But they want our diplomats to stay. Why? Well, the Taliban know that what Will Rogers said a hundred years ago is still true, “Our foreign dealings [by diplomats] are an open book, generally a check book.” WA #45, Oct. 21, 1923


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