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Saturday, December 20, 2014
ISSUE #817
All lives matter, including police.

Al Sharpton and the mayor of New York got themselves in a heap of trouble. They have been encouraging protests against the police and a few protesters attacked police and others marched down the middle of the street in Brooklyn, chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do you want it? Now!”

Well, two of the mayor’s New York policemen were executed today in Brooklyn.

Rev. Sharpton would be better off if he found a church where he could preach a Christmas sermon, and remember that, to Christ, all lives matter.

President Obama announced that he has negotiated a deal with Cuba: we will end sanctions, and in return Cuba will end… nothing. The Castro brothers admit nothing, give up nothing, and of the millions of dollars Cuba will end up receiving, none will be shared with the people of Cuba.

President Obama said he would “like to go to Cuba.” However, the First Lady and his daughters yelled, “NO! We’re going to Hawaii for Christmas, not Havana.”

Most young folks know little about Cuba except it has been Communist under Fidel Castro since the 1950s. Here are a few comments by Will Rogers, who had earlier visited Havana during a Pan American Conference in January 1928. President Coolidge gave a speech there.

      “In 1898 we tried to fix it so Cuba would have liberty and all the accompanying benefits. Now [1933] Cuba is having one of the best civil wars that’s been produced in years.” DT #2188, Aug. 8, 1933

There is no doubt that Cuba is run cockeyed, but what country ain’t? Now, we get our sugar from Cuba, and anything we do in Cuba is going to be misunderstood.” DT #2189, Aug. 9, 1933

     “Did you see in the paper where Cuba is laible to have another change of government?… It’s their country. It’s their sugar. Take the sugar out of Cuba and we would no more be interested in their troubles than we would a revolution (in Africa).” DT #2218, Sept. 12, 1933 [Today, Will would add cigars.]

Merry Christmas to all. Anyone in Hawaii for the holidays is gonna be a whole lot merrier than anyone in Cuba.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers: (on Christmas)

“I am too busy replacing presents to write today. I bought some mechanical and electric things for the kids and wore ‘em out playing with ‘em myself.” DT #120, Dec. 23, 1926

“Merry Christmas, my constant readers, both of you. No scandal today. There is some, but it will be more scandalous by tomorrow.  Men, act surprised as if you didn’t know the tie was coming.” DT #121, Dec. 24, 1926


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