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Sunday, June 3, 2012
ISSUE #710
Americans trying to hold onto jobs and money

COLUMBUS: John Edwards was set free. The jury figured a man with a mistress who went through a million dollars in a year, well, he’s been punished enough.  The trial stretched out to six weeks, and the only question they had to decide was this: did Mrs. Mellon give John Edwards a million dollars because he was running for President, or because she thinks he’s cute? In other words, would she have written such a check if he was not a candidate at the time?
In Egypt, Mr. Mubarak did not get so lucky. He was found guilty of killing thousands of demonstrators last spring and got life. Oddly, the ones working for him that were on trial were declared innocent. Mubarak was quite a President, but I rather doubt that he personally did all that shooting and killing.
Employment numbers came out and the economy appears to be getting worse. Fewer people have jobs and that makes it tougher on the ones still working.
No only are there fewer jobs, we have fewer millionaires and billionaires, and the ones we’ve got are losing money. Look at Mark Zuckerburg. He lost another ten billion last week on top of the ten billion the week before. If Facebook keeps dropping at this rate, by the end of the summer he will have to go back to Harvard and try to invent another company in his dorm room.
Now, no one is feeling sorry for a rich man who comes up a couple million short. Unless of course he was the one paying your salary. And that’s the bind we’re in. We’re supposed to dislike the wealthy and love the poor and downtrodden. The problem is, the poor never hire anybody. They can elect ‘em , but not hire ‘em.  And that’s why there’s so many with no job.
In Wisconsin they are voting Tuesday on whether to let out the governor early or make him work all four years. Gov. Walker has had a tough run. He has worked to streamline state government and the ones being streamlined don’t like it. If he gets thrown out, that’ll be another one standing in the unemployment line.
The U.S. Treasury is selling bonds at an interest rate so low it can hardly be called interest. It’s more like saying, “Give us $1000, we’ll hold it for 10 years, and promise to give you back the full $1000.”  Well, the way the stock market is moping around, this may be the best deal you can get. Like I stated in a movie one time, “I’m more interested in the return of my money than the return on my money.”
Queen Elizabeth is celebrating 60 years of wearing the crown. That’s a record that stands up there with Cal Ripken and Hank Aaron, except she didn’t have to show up at work every single day or hit home runs. Being a Queen, she mostly just stands and waves. She has been a good Queen though, no personal scandals, and she keeps her husband in line. However, she goes through $80 million a year, which makes our GSA seem like pikers. Maybe she should give tours of Buckingham Palace for $10 a person and make royalty a paying proposition.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“These (poor) people that you are asked to aid, why they are not asking for charity, they are naturally asking for a job. But if you can’t give them a job why the next best thing you can do is to see that they have food and the necessities of life.” Radio, Oct. 18, 1931


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