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Sunday, September 17, 2023
ISSUE #1174
An Impeachment Inquiry, a UAW Strike, and a Farm Show

Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an “inquiry” to see if Republicans can uncover any concrete evidence that President Biden should be impeached. Now in case you’re concerned, an inquiry is as far as this will go. As the president himself responded concerning Impeachment, “Lots of luck.”

The inquiry will verify some connections between Hunter Biden’s accumulation of wealth from China, Russia, and Ukraine.  Does anyone believe he would have been paid over $20,000,000 from 2014 to 2016 if his dad was not Vice-President? We may learn where the money was deposited in bank accounts for nine Biden family members, and why Joe Biden used three fake email names.

But impeachment is off the board because Speaker McCarthy knows that no matter what juicy evidence is verified, the House won’t vote for Impeachment. Clearly, the Democrats in the Senate would never convict President Biden.

The United Auto Workers are on strike. Considering the high inflation, and recent raises for other unions, does anyone doubt the UAW deserves higher wages? But does anyone who plans to buy a vehicle in the next few years want the labor rate to go up 40%? Or for them to work only 4 days a week with 5 days of pay (an additional 20% raise)? Other demands are directly related to the pressure on the manufacturers to push Electric Vehicles.

A main argument favoring the UAW is that Electric Vehicles require a lot less labor to manufacture and many workers will lose their jobs if Democrats in charge achieve their goal of eliminating gas-powered vehicles. This brings up a logical question: if labor costs for an EV are far lower, why is the price $10,000 to $15,000 higher than a gasoline powered car?

This week, Tuesday-Thursday, you can find me and about 120,000 others at Farm Science Review, located near London, Ohio. If you want to see the latest in technology to improve our food production system, you’ll find it here. Equipment will be displayed. Other machines will be harvesting corn and soybeans and tilling the ground. Drones will be flying. And you might even see an Electric-powered farm tractor. Details at: fsr.osu.edu/home.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“In Europe Public men DO resign. But here it’s a lost Art. You have to Impeach ’em.” Life magazine, June 7, 1928

“They will never impeach this baby [Oklahoma Governor Murray]; he’s too slick for ’em.” DT #1413, Feb. 2, 1931

“Lots of times individual strikes when they are just, and conducted along fair lines have won their case, and they should, for manufacturers have associations for their mutual betterment, and there is nothing fairer than workmen having unions for their mutual benefit.” WA #608, Aug. 19, 1934


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