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Sunday, April 8, 2012
ISSUE #702
April is a fun month, until…

COLUMBUS: April is National Humor Month.  April Fools Day got us off to a good start, plenty to laugh about. Then we fill out our Income Tax, and we stop laughin’.

Maybe we should change it to National Liars Month.  As Will said, “The income tax has made liars out of more American people than golf has.”

The Masters has had plenty of winners over the years, with names like Jack, Arnold, Gary, Ben, Sam, Phil, and even Tiger. But never a Bubba. If the elite members of the Augusta Golf Club can give a green jacket to an ole Georgia Bulldog named Bubba, no reason they can’t let a woman join. Unless maybe her name is Daisy Mae or Bobbi Jo.

President Obama sure ain’t the first one to take on the Supreme Court. Franklin Roosevelt blasted the old Conservative justices. FDR’s National Recovery Act, a primary part of his New Deal, was struck down over an interstate commerce case in 1935. See, Roosevelt said the government could prevent chickens that had not been inspected from being sold across state lines. But the Supreme Court said there’s nothing in the Constitution to prevent a fellow in Brooklyn from buying a crate of New Jersey chickens, even if they’re ill.

Losing that case made Roosevelt so mad he wanted to add a bunch of justices to the Supreme Court so they could outvote the 9 old Republicans. Well, that idea got thrown out, but he still got his way; during his four terms, eight of those old men died and he replaced them with young Democrats. Whether that strategy will work for Obama I got my doubts.

Republicans seem to be losing interest in the Presidential race. Romney is so far ahead nobody is paying much attention to Santorum and Gingrich. What they need is another debate. Invite President Obama. If he doesn’t show up, set up an empty chair with his picture. All their comments will be directed at him whether he’s there or not. The President says Republicans have declared a War on Women. By the end of that debate, he would probably wish he had a few skirts to hide behind. But, it would all be in fun. It’s April; we need a few more laughs.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

(On golf) “I am not going to make the mistake of the usual fool, just because I don’t play the game, and tell there is nothing to it. There is skill in anything, if you practice it long enough… The main thing that struck me about the game was the amount of skill they had developed in getting near the hole and how little they displayed in getting into it… I have a little polo field where I work my horses and practice hitting the ball. No one would ever be foolish enough to think I was playing a game of polo. ” WA #163, Jan. 10, 1926

  “Horses are too cheap for a man to spend half his life walking over the country looking for holes in the ground.” WA #19, April 22, 1923


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