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Sunday, May 12, 2013
ISSUE #759
Benghazi, immigration and the Dow Jones high

Today I was going to joke about how this column would have been three times longer and sent out hours sooner if I had not sent it to the White House for review first. Fortunately, before I wrote that little attempt at humor, I read about what the IRS did to organizations that appear to be opposed to the President.

What you see below is all mine, first draft, nothing deleted for national security or political purposes. So if you find grammar mistakes, you can’t blame Jay Carney.

While much of the country is just now realizing the facts about the Benghazi attack, as a  regular reader of this column you were well informed within a few days. Here’s what I wrote on September 16, 2012: The Administration announced that the murder of our Ambassador and 3 others in Libya on Sept. 11 was the result of a “spontaneous” protest. Sure, it was spontaneous in the same way thousands of men with guns suddenly appear in the woods the first day of deer season. Al Qaeda is behind the embassy attack in Egypt and other Muslim countries. They even taunted us with signs that read, “Obama, we’re all Osamas.”

Now I ain’t braggin’ about having any inside knowledge back then. In fact it seems the only ones who remained ignorant were President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Rice, and most major networks and newspaper editors.

The big question in Washington today is “Who rewrote the original CIA Benghazi report 11 times?”  Steven Hayes and Jonathan Karl have nosed around Washington and dug up more than anyone else. I suggest the answer is not in Washington, but Chicago. David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Robert Gibbs are the fellows I would check out to see if they just might have telephoned in a few deletions about Islamic terrorists and instead placed blame on a video.
On a different matter, Attorney General Holder made a speech a week or so ago about immigrants. He flatly stated that anyone who can sneak into this country (which ain’t that hard to do) deserves civil rights the same as a U.S. citizen.  Yes, we have laws against illegal entry, and yes, the Attorney General is our top officer to enforce those laws. I sure don’t want to rile our top cop, but I feel that whatever country they sneaked in from is where they deserve their civil rights. It’s common horse sense. However, I have no doubt we’ll eventually agree to let most of these folks stay. If the Democrats would agree to let half of ‘em vote Republican it would pass for sure.

In some good news, the stock market topped 15,000 for the first time. Of course, it don’t look so great when you recall the Dow was over 14,000 five and a half years ago. Too bad the unemployment rate hasn’t returned to what it was five and half years ago.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:
“Give (Mother) a day, and then in return why Mother gives you the other 364. They could have given Mother a week, but that would have been giving Mother a little the best of it…”  
Radio, May 12, 1935


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