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Sunday, January 8, 2017
ISSUE #897
Change coming to Washington

The country is preparing for an Inauguration in a few days. We have gone 24 years with just three men holding the reins, and folks are not sure what to expect from the next one.

Since the election President Obama has been giving orders left and right, trying to cement his legacy. And Trump has been giving his opinion on practically everything. On January 20, they will reverse roles. Trump has used Twitter for his pronouncements; Obama will use the media to stay in the news.

Have you been invited to the Inauguration? Are you going? Eight years ago a million people filled the Mall all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. This year there is more news about who is not attending the Inauguration than the ones who are. Protesters may outnumber the ones there to honor the new President. And the next day, more busloads of protesters have promised to show up. Now, I know that Trump is a fast worker, but it’s doubtful he will get any laws passed through Congress in 24 hours, so what are they going to protest?

The ones who have a beef with Trump are lawyers. The lawyers and other lifelong politicians have been running the government as their own, and Trump wants to replace a bunch of ‘em with business people. Paper companies are worried because it takes a lawyer a thousand pages to write a new rule, and a top business person will say the same thing in a page or two.

Radical Islamic terror seems to be ramping up. It used to be during a war we would hear how many had died in various battles. Now, there’s no declared war, but every day the newspapers have another story about an attack: a shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, a truck ramming soldiers in Jerusalem, a fuel truck explodes in a Baghdad market, slaughter in Aleppo. And if somehow ISIS misses a day, we can depend on Chicago to kill and maim a few. Even Al Capone would be shocked at the Chicago murder rate.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

          “How do we stand all this uncertainty? Here it is ten days till inauguration time and we don’t know what (President-elect) Hoover is going to do and we don’t know what (President) Coolidge is going to do. Mr. Hoover ought to announce his Cabinet at once, for lots of times a Cabinet attracts more attention between the time they are announced and the time they take their seats, than they ever do afterward.” DT #801, Feb. 19, 1929

“Say, this (new President) Roosevelt is a fast worker. Even on Sunday when all a President is supposed to do is put on a silk hat and have his picture taken coming out of church, why this President closed all the banks and called Congress in extra session, and that’s not all he is going to call ‘em either if they don’t get something done.” DT #2055, March 6, 1933 [the “bank holiday” lasted 5 days]

“If there is one thing that a Politician hates it’s somebody that is not in their business.” May 31, 1928

“They talk about civilization. Say, there ain’t no civilization where there ain’t no satisfaction, and that’s what’s the trouble now, nobody is satisfied.” WA #367, Jan. 5, 1930


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