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Sunday, June 18, 2023
ISSUE #1164
China Means Business, and President Biden’s Bloopers.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in China to meet with their leader Xi Jinping. Only problem is that Xi doesn’t seem eager to talk with Blinken or anyone else from the Biden Administration.  He prefers to meet with prominent American leaders such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

When Bill Gates visited China, Bill handed Xi a check for $150,000,000. (It has something to do with eliminating malaria in Africa.) And Elon Musk got to see Xi because his Tesla EVs need batteries with rare Earth metals and solar panels, all from China.

So, what can Blinken offer Xi? Remember, the Chinese Communists gave $30,000,000 to the Biden family a few years ago. My guess is that Xi expects something big from the Big Guy. Maybe the Big Island. Taiwan.

Sec. Blinken should remind Xi that his economy depends on us buying $300,000,000,000 more a year from China than they buy from us.

This has been a tough week for President Biden. He didn’t fall again, but, verbally, he flubbed up a few times. While discussing investments in Africa, he said we have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific across the Indian Ocean (8000 miles). I think he meant we’ll build it across Africa to the Indian Ocean. But, why not just let Bill Gates build the railroad.

At an event in Connecticut, he ended triumphantly with, “God save the Queen, man.” Nobody can figure out which “Queen” he referred to. Maybe, because Biden’s Catholic, it’s one of those men dressed as a Drag Queen Nun in Los Angeles.

Considering the Dodgers honored Drag Queens at a game, and three “transgender” people stripped to show off their fake boobs and lack thereof at a White House ceremony, he should be saying, “God save America.”

President Biden gave his first campaign speech at a Union meeting in Philadelphia. It seemed odd that he got applause for bragging about his economic record which includes 14% inflation in 2 years and his plan to eliminate the gas, oil, and coal businesses where many jobs are Union.

For his next campaign speech, probably in 3 months at the current rate, he needs some help on his jokes and funny lines. To be certain that someone laughs, he needs to take along V-P Kamala Harris.

I had a good Father’s Day, starting with church. I’ve seen a lot of social media posts with praise for fathers. Maybe not as many as for Mother’s Day, but still…

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

       “I propose a Father’s Day. No flowers, no fuss – just let him use the car himself and go where he wants to. But we will never live to see such a contented day.” DT #1183, May 11, 1930


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