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Sunday, March 10, 2019
ISSUE #964
Congress condemns hateful comments

Congress was tied up all week figuring out how to deal with the Minnesota Congresswoman representing the Somali District. She made some hateful comments about Jewish people and Israel, so they wanted to censure her. But before they could vote, she got the support of the new young “Boss” of the Democratic Party (Ocasio-Cortez), pressuring the old boss (Speaker Pelosi) to give in. With all the drafts and inserts it took 17 pages and condemned hateful comments against dozens of others, including Sikhs, Okies, and West Virginia Hillbillies. The only reference to Jews was a footnote on page 3. Even Congresswoman Omar who started the whole mess voted for it.

In an effort to save the Democratic Party, I am now a proponent of gerrymandering of selected Congressional Districts. The “Somali Muslim district” should be split three ways into other Minneapolis districts. Same for one in Dearborn and one in the Bronx.

It used to be that a couple of kooky representatives in Congress (of either party) did not matter because they were outnumbered and could be ignored. But now, these representatives have figured out how to get on the news daily, get the media behind them, and actually have the guts to claim they are in charge. Most of their Party (including a lot of competent, experienced women) is scared to oppose their outlandish comments and proposals. Same for the candidates for President in 2020.

I bet if you asked the candidates who they would like for a VP running mate, most would answer, “If she was not under-age, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“I am in Detroit in connection with the trouble between Henry Ford and the Jewish people.” DT #114, Dec. 17, 1926

“I certainly was glad to read Mr. Henry Ford’s statement this morning in the papers in regard to the Jewish people. It was a fine thing for a big man to do. It takes big men to admit a fault publicly.” DT #300, July 8, 1927

“When [Henry Ford] found he was wrong in his argument with the Jewish people, he apologized. He saw them in a Chevrolet and he says, ‘Boys, I am wrong! I am wrong!’” Radio, June 1, 1930


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