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Thursday, December 1, 2005
ISSUE #388
Congress in battle over graft

# 388, December 1, 2005

COLUMBUS: Another Republican Congressman stepped down. Duke Cunningham admitted he took $2.5 million from defense contractors over the past few years, and he’ll turn over to the government almost $2 million he has left.

Now that shows you the difference. A Republican Congressman comes into a windfall, and he just naturally invests and saves a chunk of it. But for a Democrat, in a month it’s all spent, and nobody can find a trace of where it went or if it did any good.

This former Top Gun is left with nothing but spent shells. And he could get 10 years in federal prison, in addition to paying the fine.

For the government to collect $2 million from him may seem like a lot. But if they also stop payment on his Congressional pension, then you’re talking real money. Maybe they should forgo the prison sentence and make him live off Social Security. That would be punishment enough.

Counting Tom DeLay, the Republicans are 2 for 2. Poor Democrats are starting to grumble, “Hey, when can we get in on the graft?”

What these Congressmen are learning is if you want to get in on the really big time graft, Republican or Democrat don’t matter. What you want to be is a Lobbyist. That fellow Abramhoff took in over $100 million, and that was just from the Indians. Congress was shocked. They didn’t know the Indians even had hundred million.

Historic quote from Will Rogers:

“The Democrats are having a lot of fun exposing the Republican campaign corruptions, but they would have a lot more fun if they knew where they could lay their hands on some of it themselves for next November. The difference in corruption in the two parties was 7,000,000 votes last election, so the Democrats have got to investigate and find out how to improve their corruption.” DT #510, March 15, 1928.


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