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Saturday, August 17, 2013
ISSUE #770
Constitutional debate in US and Egypt

I just returned from three days (Aug. 13-15) at a big farm show put on by Penn State University. They have some wonderful agriculture tucked in between the mountain ranges in that part of the state. The valley where that university sits must be two or three miles wide and they grow some good looking corn and soybeans and alfalfa. It’s not just because of the football team that it’s called Happy Valley.

I also stopped off in West Virginia for a little celebration on Friday. The valleys in that Mountain State may not be as wide as Pennsylvania’s, but the folks are just as happy.

With all this road travel, I got to listen quite a bit to the radio. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Constitution. We used to talk about changing the Constitution, but now the talk is about whether the various branches of our government have changed the way they interpret the Constitution without bothering to ask the people whether they actually want the Constitution changed. Sometimes our judges, Congress and the President go off in a different direction, and kinda dare anyone to prove the direction they are taking is not covered by the Constitution. Lawyers have been arguing over the Constitution for over 200 years, and they’ll probably go another 200 without ever coming to unanimous agreement. At least we do most of our arguing with words and not guns.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has killed Christians and burned churches. And they aren’t any friendlier with Muslims they happen to disagree with. As I reported a month ago, when Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was elected, he immediately changed policies. It would be like a person getting elected here, and immediately adopting Communist policies. Although you hate to see anyone killed over politics, just imagine if 20 percent of Americans took to the streets, fully armed, and demanded that the U.S. become Communistic. The big majority of Egyptians who do not favor the brutal Sharia law are determined to put down the Brotherhood protests and protect their own place in the 21st century. We had better hope they prevail, or the entire Middle East may revert to the 11th century.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

(Concerning changes to the Constitution)… “One side says, ‘We got where we are as a great nation by this set of laws that we are living under, so why change them! Let the Constitution alone.’ And that’s mighty good logic, too. But here’s something they forget. They can rightfully say, you or I, that we got where we are by these laws, but there’s lots of folks that haven’t got anywhere under ‘em. And the prospects ain’t any too bright for ‘em to get any further. So they might not be averse to some small change in the Constitution. They might say, ‘Yes, give us what you’ve got, and we’ll say it’s a perfect Constitution, too.’ So it all goes back to, just how good has the Constitution been to you? And nobody can answer that question but yourself. I would say that to the big majority over a long course of years, it’s been a mighty fine old document, and any person will think mighty serious before he’ll vote for any change in the Constitution.” Radio, June 9, 1935


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