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Monday, August 10, 2020
ISSUE #1023
COVID-19, 20, 21; Biden vs. Trump

You probably noticed that I have been optimistic about COVID-19. Yes, I admit it. Back in January, it appeared that W.H. O. and China had the “Wuhan virus” under control. When it showed up on cruise ships in the Pacific, we kept them from landing on the West Coast, and Trump cut off air travel from China, and then from Europe. Through February, the overall optimism continued. When the whole economy was shut down about March 10 it was shock. But I figured if everyone stayed home except “essential workers” it would be over soon. And warm weather was supposed to stop it, like the flu.

In June and July, it spread to more states. I figured it would be under control by August and we would be back to “near normal” in the Fall. But now, with college football cancelled and more schools going online my optimism has dwindled. Will we have Thanksgiving and Christmas family celebrations?  (I’m not concerned about Halloween; that’s one time when everyone is excited to wear a mask.)

Will we still be holding Zoom meetings and Virtual conferences in 2021?

Joe Biden is definitely following the COVID rules. He mainly stays home in Delaware, doesn’t say much, and when he does speak it gets him in hot water. He probably wishes he could let his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, do all his talking. When he identifies his running mate maybe she will do most of the talking. Democrats may agree on four debates, but insist the V-P candidates do three of ‘em.

The Democratic Convention is in Milwaukee, but there may be only a few delegates there because police are refusing to protect them from protesters. Biden says he will give his acceptance speech from home.

President Trump announced he wants to accept the Republican nomination from the White House, partly to save costs for security. Critics claim it’s not fair to use the White House for a political speech. Here’s my suggestion: invite Joe Biden to also give his acceptance speech from the White House. Or if he prefers, from the V-P residence where he lived for 8 years. That would eliminate security costs for Biden, although the primary “security need” at his house is to keep geese from honking outside his basement window.

As if we don’t have enough problems here at home, Russia and China are taking sides on the election. The word on the street is that Russia is betting on Trump and China is for Biden. Not only betting, they are bribing the referees, cheerleaders and scorekeepers. Seeing as how China has at least a hundred times as much loose change laying around as Russia, I’ll side with China. But don’t let me sway you; keep in mind I bet COVID would be over by Mother’s Day.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Nothing was guessed right all year. Optimism was overrated and pessimism was underrated.” DT #1418, Feb. 8, 1931

“I have been asked to cover the Republican Convention, to write something funny. All you have to do to write something funny about a Republican Convention, is just tell what happened.” Notes

“Clem Shaver, the head of the Democrats, tells me that the Democrats are going to be so peaceful and hungry for harmony at their convention that you won’t hardly know they are Democrats. Well, if I go there and they are as he says, I certainly will ask for my money back. They have worked for years to bring their conventions up to a show and now they want to crab it.” DT #541, Apr. 20, 1928

“I still hope we could all find and settle on some man and do away with both conventions. It would be such a good joke on the Delegates.” WA #263, Jan 8, 1928


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