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Sunday, October 14, 2012
ISSUE #729
Democrats catch brunt of Will’s jabs

Once in a while even a comedian gets it right. Last week I said, “Lord knows what you’ll hear from Biden.”  I meant it as a joke, not a prediction. But in the debate the Vice-President kept laughing, smirking, smiling, interrupting, and laughing some more.

Regular readers, all three of you, know I try to keep this commentary pretty even keel. But this week the Democrats are going to catch the brunt of my little jabs. (Next week I’ll concentrate on digging up dirt on Republicans, which should not be difficult.)

I know President Bush was criticized after the 9/11/2001 attack that killed 3000. But within a few hours he knew it was the work of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. So how is it that on 9/11/2012 our ambassador to Libya gets killed, and it took the President a week or two to get an inkling of who did it? Oh, did I tell you a person at the State Dept. watched the attack, live, on security cameras? Did Secretary of State Clinton try to keep it a secret? Where did UN Ambassador Rice get her information?

Diplomacy is dominating the President’s folks. Do you know what diplomacy is? Will Rogers said, “Diplomacy was invented by a man named Webster to use up all the words in his dictionary that didn’t mean anything… A diplomat is a man that tells you what he don’t believe himself, and the man he is telling it to don’t believe it any more than he does… A diplomat has a hundred ways of saying nothing.”

Whenever anybody associated with the President was asked about the killing of our ambassador, you’ve never heard more hemming and hawing. Here’s some examples:
Question: When did President Obama learn that the attack was by Islamic terrorists? “We are investigating a report from the State Department. They think maybe a bunch of devout Muslims were watching a disgusting anti-Mohammad movie at a Benghazi drive-in, and it made ‘em so mad, before it was over they drove over to the American Consulate and started shooting.”  Well, where were the Libyan guards hired to protect the Ambassador? “Those WERE the guards.”
Question: When did Mr. Obama discuss it with Mr. Biden? Isn’t he a Foreign Affairs expert? “Shhh, we still haven’t told Joe. He was too busy practicing for the debate.” How was he preparing? “He mainly watched re-runs of Laugh-In. And some stand-up comics on HBO.”
Question: Why wasn’t our ambassador better protected? “He had as many guards as we could afford. After the House Republicans cut our budget for guards, we had to bring some home for more important duties.” More important duties? “Yes, for example, protecting those of us who the President assigns to answer reporters’ questions. You know, I could get hit by a shoe. With a spike heel.”

The President appointed a new ambassador to Libya. I wonder how many Marines they sent to protect him. Hope it is more than Mr. Stevens had.


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