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Sunday, September 1, 2013
ISSUE #771
Did Obama outsmart Syria’s Assad?

President Obama is shrewd. Although many see his delay as backtracking on his red line declaration, he just outsmarted Assad. After a speech on Saturday, Obama goes off to play golf and Assad can’t even play putt-putt. He won’t pick up a golf club for fear the first ball he hits will blow up in his face. Obama flies to Europe to meet the popular Swedish bikini team but Assad must hide behind women in burkas. Then Obama goes to Moscow, and Assad is saying, “Hey, I thought Putin was on my side.”

Delaying for a couple of weeks is no problem. FDR and Churchill took 3 years preparing for D-Day. Eisenhower made that plan work out ok.

Really, our President should take this argument directly to Assad. Challenge him to a duel. One on one. Man to man. Think of all the millions of borrowed money it would save us. The weapon of choice for the duel? Water pistols. Let ‘em battle it out for 3 or 4 days. If Obama can drown him, so be it.

Too bad we can’t just put a high fence around that region and let all those Shiite, Sunni, and other Muslim tribes fight among themselves like they have been doing for centuries.

With our President occupied with Syria and the Middle East, here’s a bit of good news that may sneak through without him hearing about it. A company is planning to build a Billion dollar pipeline in Ohio to transport liquid fuel made from natural gas. Did you know we can make methanol out of this gas and replace gasoline from OPEC oil? Since Obama and his environmental supporters are determined to outlaw the Keystone pipeline that would transport Canadian crude, we’ve got to keep this Ohio pipeline a secret.

When Congress returns they have to deal with Syria, but that’s just a start. The farm bill, immigration, debt ceiling, healthcare are all staring ‘em in the face. You might compare Congress to a football team in their first game of the season: they should have plenty of energy because they did nothing for eight months. But they could still lose 50-0.

Labor Day weekend did not have a whole lot to celebrate this year. The economy is still staggering along. Most new jobs are part time and some old jobs are being cut to under 30 hours. A few fast food workers protested because they were convinced they should be paid $15 an hour instead of $7.50. But it’s not gonna happen. Here’s the best advice: if you want a $15 job find out what it takes to earn it. If frying burgers, sweeping floors, spinning a rope, telling jokes, blowing a horn, dancing the two-step, or whatever else you’re doing doesn’t land you in that desired salary range, then learn a new skill. If you got downgraded because of the economy and you’re working two jobs to make ends meet, hang in until the job market returns.


Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The smarter a nation gets, the more wars it has. The dumb ones are too smart to fight.” WA #501, July 31, 1932

“I can think of nothing more unpopular than a strike.” DT #2228, Sept. 24, 1933

“Every holiday ought to be named ‘Labor Day.’ If we could ever get vacations down to where you wasn’t any more tired on the day one was over than on our regular work day it would be wonderful.” DT #2210, Sept. 4, 1933


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