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Monday, November 5, 2018
ISSUE #951
Election tomorrow; hope it’s not a tie.

With the election tomorrow, you’re in no mood to read any advice from me telling you who to vote for, and why.

Newspapers are saying women voters will decide the election. Now, I like newspapers, but this seems like an underhanded scheme to trick us men to skip voting. So, when she leaves the house tomorrow morning, tag along with her and if she pulls into a voting location, don’t let her go in there alone. We may be outnumbered, but we can perhaps keep it from being a landslide.

“Everybody is always asking if women voting has made any real change in our political system. It has. It has just doubled the amount of candidates.” DT #1274, Aug. 25, 1930

We’re all tired of the money spent on political ads, which totals about $3 Billion on this election. But do you know we spend 3 or 4 times that much on dog food? Of course, if dog food stunk up the place like some of those ads, the dogs would be eating in the back yard.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers (on politics):

“I’m not a member of any organized political party…. I’m a Democrat. But really, I don’t take sides with anybody politically.  I kid those folks, but I know that they all get in there and do the best they can. None of ‘em from any party are going to ruin the country, at least not on purpose.” (This is slightly paraphrased.)

“There is only one redeeming thing about this whole election. It will be over at sundown, and let everybody pray that it’s not a tie.”

“Well, this day after the election many a good man will find that he has been replaced because he failed to bring in enough government loot from Washington… The height of statesmanship is to come home with a dam, even if you got nowhere to put it.” DT #1336, Nov. 4, 1930

“If there is one thing the Republican Party has got to learn, it is that you can’t get votes by just denouncing. You got to offer some plan of your own.” DT #2576, Nov. 7, 1934

“A Republican moves slowly. They are what we call conservatives. A conservative is a man who has plenty of money and doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t always have plenty of money. A Democrat is a fellow who never had any, but doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t have some.”

“We all joke about Congress but we can’t improve on them. Have you noticed that no matter who we elect, he is just as bad as the one he replaces?”


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