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Monday, June 3, 2019
ISSUE #974
Farmers rained out; confusion reigns in England and DC

My offer of sacrificing myself to serve as a VP candidate with a Democrat Presidential candidate has fallen flat. No emails. No phone calls. A handful of the 25 candidates have no need for a VP at this stage. The other 20 are not interested because their name recognition pales in comparison to Will Rogers. A person seeing the two of us together would ask, ‘Who is that stranger standing there beside Will Rogers?’ One said, “I think I’ve seen her, is it Gina Lollabrigida?” No, it’s Gillabrand. Of course it could be DeLaney or DeBlasio or DeNiro.

President Trump threatened Mexico with a 5% tariff on all their exports to the US.  We don’t like tariffs and all the discussion on television is about how bad the tariffs will be for us. Has anyone considered that Mexico might take actions to solve our border crisis? Any migrant that goes into Mexico expecting direct passage to and across our border will be stopped! Stay in Mexico, or go back where they came from. Is it ironic that the President has to negotiate with Mexico on our border problem because the Democrats in Congress refuse to act?

The President is in England meeting with Queen Elizabeth and other British leaders. On Thursday they will celebrate of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944. Oddly, a few Brits, including the London mayor, are protesting the presence of America’s leaders. Yes, protesting our presence. Let that sink in. Maybe they should talk with their parents or grandparents or read a history book. Back in 1944 a million Americans were “present.” To save England’s hide.

Our farmers who raise corn and soybeans are facing a severe weather crisis. Most of our grain-growing states are being hammered by rain, too much and too often. Even if fields are not flooded, before soil gets dry enough to plant, it rains again. More than half the fields that should have a crop growing are bare.

We’ve had record-breaking rainfall, but farmers have faced drastic conditions before. Here are two comments by Will Rogers: “What has the poor farmer done against the Almighty and the Republican administration that he should deserve all this?” (DT #`1258, Aug. 6, 1930) and, “If your crop is a failure and you don’t raise anything, why you are fortunate. Because it costs you more to raise anything than you can sell it for, so the less you raise the less you lose, and if you don’t raise anything you are ahead.” (WA #235, June 12, 1927)

Robert Mueller raised a ruckus in Washington when he went on television and said aloud what he had written in his 400-page report on Russia and Trump. Concerning obstruction by Trump while investigating possible collusion that did not happen, he said, “We did not have confidence that the president did not commit a crime. No way, no how.” While Republican lawyers said this totally clears Trump, Democrat lawyers interpreted this statement as proof that Trump committed a crime and must be impeached. (read the quote below)

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“If (a report) is plain and understandable only one way, it was written by a non-lawyer. Every time a lawyer writes something, he is not writing for posterity, he is writing so that endless others of his craft can make a living out of trying to figure out what he said.” WA #657, July 28, 1935


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