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Sunday, July 7, 2024
ISSUE #1214
Fireworks in the Biden White House. Replacing Reporters. Remember President Edith Wilson??

I hope you enjoyed colorful Fireworks in your local town or city. Or backyard.

In Washington, the “fireworks” in the Biden-Harris campaign generated more heat than light, and more fizzles than powerful booms.

The taped interview on ABC Friday failed to show President Biden as a strong leader. NATO leaders will be in town this week, giving him opportunities to shine on a world stage. Getting the President in front of reporters, even if it’s only between 10:00 and 4:00, is essential to restoring confidence in his mental capacity to serve another term.

Speaking of reporters, last week I wrote about the journalists with direct access to the White House: “Why did they accept the obvious lies about what terrific shape Biden was in ‘behind closed doors?’ The apparent answer is that they were in on the deception.”

This week, my question is: Why haven’t those lying journalists been fired? Or why haven’t they resigned en masse? Many of them changed from a bulldog during the Trump years to a lapdog with Biden.

The CEOs of several networks and major newspapers must do a clean sweep of the biased journalists covering the White House (and their editors). So, who do you replace them with? My suggestion is to hire people who are covering sports, especially radio broadcasters of basketball and football. The play-by-play announcers report accurately what they see and hear. They are well trained and experienced. When they summarize at the end of the basketball game that your team won 85 to 80 you know it’s the truth. You won’t find out the next day that your team lost 75 to 62.

President Biden insists the debate was a “one-off.” He had a bad night because of jet lag and a cold. Do you wonder how he did during the rehearsals? I’m sure they videotaped the 90-minute practice debates, with moderators and Trump impersonators, on at least 2 or 3 nights. If he was brilliant in those practice sessions, then we’ll believe he had an off night.

The chaos among leaders of the Democrat Party is because of the fear of losing not only to Donald Trump, but losing seats in Congress and the Senate. Logically, if the President is truly suffering mentally, the 25th Amendment would allow him to be removed and replaced by the Vice-President. But they know a President Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket would probably be worse.

The dilemma goes back to the 2020 election when Biden promised to select a woman of color as V-P. That narrowed the field to a handful of prospects. He promised to serve one term. The obvious choice to run in 2024 would have been V-P Kamala Harris. But in various tasks she was assigned, such as “Border Czar,” she demonstrated no competence to serve as President. So, an older, mentally challenged Joe Biden was selected as the designated candidate for 2024 and ran without serious challenge, winning all primary elections overwhelmingly.

Based on what we have seen of President Biden’s decline, who is making decisions in the Oval Office? While First Lady Jill Biden is leading her husband around and helping him, a growing concern is that Hunter Biden is the main “adviser” to his dad. Both Jill and Hunter are determined to enjoy the perks of the Presidency for another 4 years.

Jill Biden’s role reminds us of another First Lady a hundred years ago. Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1912 and served two terms. He suffered a paralyzing stroke in October 1919 that left him incapacitated. His second wife, Edith Wilson, who he married a year after his first wife died in 1914, kept the President isolated and proceeded to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the Executive Office for the next year and a half. Many historians refer to Edith Wilson as the first female President.

Are you wondering, why didn’t Vice-President Thomas Riley Marshall take over? Will Rogers wrote an entire “Weekly Article” praising him, with these closing sentences, “Tom Marshall was an AMERICAN if there ever was one, and he knew, and he cared. Show me another man that would have refused the Presidency when the Senate wanted him to take it when President Wilson was so very ill! But NO, he was loyal and he was modest. There are thousands of wonderful things that could be placed as an Inscription on his tomb… I would like to see the following one, “WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS IS MORE TOM MARSHALLS.” WA #131, June 14, 1925

        Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“I’m not a member of any organized political party… I’m a Democrat.”


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