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Saturday, October 26, 2013
ISSUE #777
Food relief might top Health relief

Do you remember when one of our first astronauts was asked what he was thinking just before liftoff? He said, “I was thinking, ‘Every part of this rocket was supplied by the low bidder.’”

Well, even though it has already cost over $600 Billion, every component of the Healthcare.gov website was provided by the low bidder. Last week a half dozen of those low bidders were grilled by Congress. All of ‘em had the same answer for the early failures, “It’s not my fault.” And nobody seemed to know exactly who is in charge. They cashed their checks, but don’t remember who signed ‘em.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, gets her turn this week to give us the lowdown on who’s to blame. She’s finding out that compared to the Affordable Healthcare Act, it was a lot easier to run Kansas. She probably wishes the man she works for would trade in his inspirational cheerleading outfit. He’s standing on the sidelines prodding the crowd to yell their encouragement to the team, “Go Health! Go Health! Go Health!” Sebelius could say, “Mr. President, please put down the pom poms, grab a helmet, get out there and lead this team down the field. We’re already in the second half, and we’re behind 49-0.”

Peace has returned to Washington, temporarily, and Congress is working on the farm bill. Years ago, the farm bill was “relief for the farmer.” Now, they have been arguing for two years, not so much on farm relief, but rather food relief which accounts for about 80%. Some folks say the farmer don’t need any relief, give it all to anyone who says they’re hungry. Nobody can argue against feeding hungry children, but we might want to throw a few crumbs to the farmers. I suggested one time that the farmers move to town for a year. If they do, the number one healthcare problem won’t be a website; it’ll be famishment.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“I have always claimed that the farmer will get no relief by legislation, for there is more people eating than there is raising, so he is a minority before he starts.” DT #570, May 29, 1928

“Tax relief, farm relief… none of these have been settled, but they are getting them in shape for consideration at the next session of Congress with the hope that those needing relief will perhaps have conveniently died in the meantime.” DT #557, May 9, 1928

“Farmers, get out your sense of humor. Congress meets to relieve you again next week.” DT #841, Apr. 7, 1929

“(President) Coolidge isn’t keeping the great American people in suspense on that farming bill purposely. It takes time to feel out the whole country and see which side has the most votes.” DT #180, Feb. 24, 1927


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