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Sunday, November 27, 2011
ISSUE #683
Football, shopping and turkey lift holiday spirits

Nov. 27, 2011

COLUMBUS: Everybody with an appetite for turkey, shopping and football sure got their fill this week. The four days of Thanksgiving are chocked so full we hardly take time to give thanks unless it’s our team that wins.

Some great football games, but these various college conferences are playing musical chairs and creating confusion. They split up old-time rivals like Missouri-Kansas, Texas-Texas A&M, and Pitt-West Virginia. The Big 10 is now 12, and the Big 12 is roughly 10. The Big East wants to reach all the way to San Diego.  They may as well add Hawaii too, and change their name to Big Country. The Southeast Conference says they already have the top 2 teams, yet they added 2 more. Come Bowl season, it kinda looks like Louisiana State and Alabama will play for #1, and the rest of the country will be playing for respectability.

Shoppers set a new spending record on Black Friday. I’m not surprised. In previous years Black Friday had 24 hours, and this year they stretched it out to 27. You give women an impossible goal, and they won’t stop spending till they reach it. Now, I’m not ignoring the men. We’ll set our own record December 24.

The big oil pipeline that was supposed to pump Canadian oil to refineries in Texas has been stopped by the President. I think while he was in China last week he may have told them, “We don’t want Canada’s oil shale; why don’t you go ahead and take it off their hands.” They make take him up on the proposal.  The same length of pipe that was intended to reach from Alberta to Houston can easily go across the Rockies to Vancouver where China can load it on their tankers.

The NBA announced the strike by the professional basketball players is over. The players decided living on $4,000,000 apiece is better than nothing at all, though $5,000,000 would have been better. Wonder if Kim Kardashian will reconsider now that her old husband has gainful employment.

Pakistan is complaining because we accidently shot into one of their military bases when we were going after the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Well, if the Pakistan military was serious about going after those same insurgents we wouldn’t have to be shooting anywhere near their base.

Newt Gingrich is the latest Republican to stick his nose out front in the Presidential race. The news hounds have been digging through thirty years of old stories to find ones to spring on the electorate. They’ll have plenty to choose from, but Newt has already told most of ‘em on himself. He’s had three wives, but none of them was a Kardashian.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“We’ll show the world we are prosperous (even) if we have to go broke to do it.” DT #413, Nov. 18, 1927


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