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Sunday, July 3, 2022
ISSUE #1118
From 246 Years of American Independence to Threats of a Liberal World Order

President Biden told us why we are paying record prices for gasoline and diesel. It’s because we support Ukraine. What? And he added another reason: individual gas station owners are overcharging.

Here’s the real reason: the Biden Administration is doing everything in its power to cut the supply. Eliminating most leases on public lands (and charging more for them), adding extreme regulations on proposed pipelines, and almost prohibiting drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. Yes, they are allowing an insignificant 11 well sites in the Atlantic. The drillers may have to work around the thousands of windmills being installed from North Carolina to Maine. Federal regulators are determined to keep big banks from lending money for drilling anywhere.

The President’s chief economic adviser, Brian Deese, stated bluntly that we’ll have to keep paying record high prices for gasoline and diesel to support the “future of the liberal world order.” Deese is an economist? I guessed he graduated from Peking University. (His Ph.D. is actually from Yale. So, I was pretty close.)

I’m guessing China’s President-for-Life, Xi Jinping, and the entire leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is happy with Deese’s admission. Xi is thinking, “With the USA taking a back seat, as soon as this liberal world order is established, we can order the world to do whatever we want.”

Back to Ukraine. Our financial support adds up to a lot of (borrowed) money. Our goal should not be to simply support Ukraine ‘as long as it takes.’ Our goal, supported by all NATO countries, should be to defeat Putin and return all Ukraine territory to Ukraine. Putin is targeting civilians in apartment buildings and shopping centers. We and European nations should give Ukraine enough firepower to overwhelm and destroy the Russian military. The invasion started 129 days ago!

Tomorrow is Independence Day. You might be interested to learn that on July 4th, 55 years ago, I lost my independence, kinda, with a marriage proposal. As a family, including 2 kids, we learned that true independence comes from being dependent on each other. And being dependable.

I just heard that supplies for your local Fireworks show cost 35% more this year. Don’t be surprised if the one in your town tomorrow night ends early. Or your “fireworks” may be a show put on with hundreds of drones flying in patriotic formations.

The big fireworks on our National Mall that’s on network television may also be shorter. But they interrupt it so much you may not notice any difference. For 20 to 30 minutes, I want to watch the beautiful traditional fireworks and hear the loud BOOMS. That’s all. TV producers have plenty of time before or after the fireworks for other entertainment.

Speaking of independence, it is worth recalling that as recent as 2 years ago we were energy independent. It took major creativity and innovation to get there and we should not allow that tremendous national advantage to wither away to satisfy a ‘liberal world order.’

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

          “The 4th of July just passed and 62 people passed with it, besides 262 wounded. A great many of the deaths were due to gunshots, but most were from [mishandling fireworks].” WA #32, July 22, 1923

“The American people are a very generous people and will forgive almost any weakness, with the possible exception of stupidity.” WA #63, Feb. 24, 1924


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