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Sunday, May 22, 2022
ISSUE #1112
Global Cooling?? Disinformation and Energy Shortages

If you don’t understand why fuel prices are rising like a helium balloon, let’s pretend the situation is reversed. Yes, this scenario is absurd, but humor me for a couple of minutes. Ok?

The date is January 20, 2041. We have 80% of our energy provided by solar and wind, and only 5% from oil, natural gas and coal. The new President is absolutely convinced that global cooling is about to destroy civilization. Snow and hard freezes in early June in our great Corn Belt states, and killing frosts by Labor Day. Crops and trees suffering from a lack of carbon dioxide in the air. Fear that half our food production would be eliminated. Sea levels falling so rapidly that ships won’t be able to reach the docks for loading and unloading.

So, the President takes immediate action to eliminate solar and wind energy, “Our future as a human race depends on converting all energy sources to fossil fuel.” The first action, with support of Congress, is to allocate $10 Trillion to increase fossil fuel use from 5% to 90% in 8 years. The second action is to order that within 2 years all wind machines must be shut down and solar collectors covered with thick blankets.

By January 2043 all solar and wind energy has been shut down except for a few illegal locations called suneasies and windstills. Because it takes months or years to ramp up the previously decimated fossil fuel industry to drill wells and open coal mines, Americans are paying outrageous prices to heat their homes even with thermostats at 55 degrees. When questioned, the Secretary of Energy laughs and says the problem is price gouging by big energy companies (which are just emerging from bankruptcy). The Secretary of the Interior announces the only leases for new oil or gas wells will be on abandoned solar farms. With all this misery, there is one bit of good news. Illegal immigration from Mexico has completely stopped. In fact, Mexico and Central America are facing a crisis of Americans trying desperately to move there.

Back to reality in May 2022… In President Biden’s haste to convert all energy use to weather-dependent renewables, energy supplied by coal, oil, gas and nuclear has been smeared, beaten down and regulated to the point where total energy available cannot meet the demand.

I’m fortunate the Disinformation Board has been shut down. Otherwise, my silly story about global cooling would get me thrown off social media, email, and the Post Office would only deliver once a month.

Someone even more fortunate is Hillary Clinton. We’re just now learning that it was the Democrat candidate for President in 2016 who personally directed and financed the disinformation Russia-Trump collusion story.

Why was the Disinformation Board, headed by Nina Jankowicz, “paused” after only 3 weeks? Probably because the #1 disinformation item was the claim that the Mexican border crisis is being “effectively managed.” The man who uttered that ridiculous bit of disinformation was the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. He was Jankowicz’s boss. How could she rat out her boss?

Are you ready for a shortage of electricity and gasoline? A professor at MIT, Edmund W. Schuster, warns that because of the premature closing of fossil fuel electric power generation plants, we can expect blackouts this summer, even in the Midwest. And gasoline inventories are extremely low. Even at $6.00 a gallon, gasoline may be rationed.

So, imagine a hot week in August, no electricity (air-conditioning) for hours at a time, and you can’t get enough gasoline to drive to the mountains to cool off.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Everything nowadays is a Saying or a Slogan… Even if you want to get married a sign will stare you in the face: ‘You get the girl, we will furnish the Ring.’ That has led more Saps astray than any misinformation ever published, outside the Prize one of all, which is: ‘Two can live as cheap as one.’ That is the biggest Bunk Slogan ever invented. Yes, two can live as cheap as one if you don’t want to eat or wear anything during its lifetime. Two can’t even live as cheap as two, much less one.” WA #122, Apr. 12, 1925

“Now Rumor travels Faster, but it don’t stay put as long as Truth.” Ether and Me, 1927


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