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Sunday, February 7, 2021
ISSUE #1049
Gov. Cuomo, Diplomacy, V-P, and farm jobs (plus Tom Brady)

You can relax; no dreams this week.

New York Governor Cuomo is digging a deeper hole for himself. Early last year the reports of COVID-19 deaths in New York nursing homes shocked the nation. Somehow, on his daily news broadcasts, he explained his actions so well he received an Emmy award. (Maybe it’s in a new category.)

Recent data shows the COVID deaths in NY nursing homes, including sick clients who were sent to hospitals and died there, were at least 50 percent higher than reported during the Emmy-winning broadcasts. (See quote below)

President Biden visited the State Department and gave a motivational speech to our diplomats. He challenged them, “To the country you serve, you are America. We want you to be nice to them.”

Biden announced plans to reverse the tough stance of the Trump Administration. The only countries we won’t be nice to are Russia and North Korea (and Canada??). Putin and Kim Jong Un will get no love letters from Biden. (see quote #2 below)

Vice-President Kamala Harris has several “Firsts.” But being the first VP person of color is not one of them. Yes, she is the first female VP, the first to have a mother from India and father from Jamaica, and the first VP (or President) whose parents both have PhDs (from Cal-Berkeley) and were university professors (Stanford and McGill).

So, who was the first “VP of color?” Charles Curtis, a member of the Kaw Nation. He was VP under President Herbert Hoover, 1929 to 1933. Curtis supported women’s voting rights, child labor laws and the 1924 Act that granted citizenship to Indians. (see quote #3 below)

Since President Biden is determined to create jobs by eliminating gasoline and diesel (minus 11,000 jobs so far), here is a suggestion for an Executive Order which would add MILLIONS of jobs in agriculture.  Eliminate all tractors, combines, cotton pickers, planters and hay balers. Farm work can be done only with the aid of horses, mules and oxen, or solar-powered electricity, plus a tremendous amount of work by human hands.

This Executive Action will also eliminate farm surpluses. Since it takes about a fourth of all cropland to feed the horses, there won’t be any exports of corn, soybeans, cotton, or any other crop. This would eliminate welfare and unemployment; folks would be clamoring for farm jobs because they would not starve; by law, they could eat generously of the food they help grow and harvest.

Unfortunately, jobs in the fertilizer industry will disappear. With all that horse manure, who needs fertilizer? No business for Scotts; even in the suburbs, every square foot of lawn will be fenced to contain sheep, goats, pigs and chickens.

Relax. President Biden would never propose eliminating a hundred years of progress. (Four years, yes; but not 100.) You’ll still have plenty of food without having to dig potatoes, shuck corn or milk a goat.

Speaking of goats… Tom Brady took another giant leap toward Greatest Of All Time, with his SEVENTH Super Bowl win. Tampa Bay 31-9 over Kansas City.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Today they are voting in New York on whether to keep a Governor two years or four… I think a good, honest Governor should get four years, and the others life.” DT #405, Nov. 8, 1927

“There is one thing no nation can ever accuse us of and that is Secret Diplomacy. Our foreign dealings are an Open Book, generally a Check Book.”  WA #45, Nov. 18, 1923

“You know I am an Indian.  My folks are Cherokees and I am very proud of the fact and us Injuns are mighty proud of Charlie Curtis… Charlie had the usual life of a child born in Kansas.  He grew strong from shoveling the grasshoppers off the sidewalk, so they could go to town… It is hard to get a man to take the Vice-Presidency.   It is a job that doesn’t have a nice future… So good luck to you, Charlie, old Injun, and I hope you are elected President some day and we will run the White House out of this country.” Radio, Apr. 27, 1930


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