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Sunday, June 26, 2022
ISSUE #1117
Guns and Roe; Big Oil vs. Big Wind

The Supreme Court announced two major decisions. One you already knew about last month. (When will they identify the law clerk who illegally leaked the draft?) The other decision allows a law-abiding citizen to carry a gun, even in New York, in accordance with the 2nd Amendment.

(I had written a couple of lines here about Roe v. Wade which I thought were funny. But my editor made me abort ‘em.)

President Biden invited the CEOs of the big oil companies to the White House to discuss gasoline and diesel prices. When they showed up, he disappeared. He decided the best way to reduce the price of gas was to meet instead with the offshore wind turbine builders.

So, those folks from Exxon, Chevron, Phillips 66 and other oil companies were left with Energy Secretary Granholm. I hope she took notes. They told her the U.S. can refine 18 million barrels of oil per day, which is a million less than 3 years ago. If the Biden Administration would listen, those CEOs could explain where the best locations are for drilling and what pipelines need to be approved. Smaller companies need to borrow money to explore and drill, and the Biden Administration is discouraging banks from loaning to them. With more oil, prices could drop to around $70/barrel. That would reduce the gasoline price about $2.00/gallon. Not the measly 18 cents/gal Federal tax the President proposed to cancel for 3 months.

Do you remember when John Kerry was appointed “Energy Czar?” He took on the self-described task of eliminating all use of fossil fuel around the world. You may have assumed he had an office with a couple of assistants, plus an airplane and crew, and a budget of about $2 million. Well, hang onto your hat; he is requesting $16.5 million. Wow. He probably wants $10 million just for jet fuel.

If Kerry really wants to make an impact on global warming, he needs to park the jet, hitch-hike to Los Angeles, get on a container ship to China, and persuade the Communist leaders to give up fossil fuels. Then take a bus to India and convince those leaders to do the same. Now that would be an accomplishment we would all support. With luck, he might get back in time to vote in 2024.

Since we know Kerry won’t concentrate on China and India, a Texas Congressman wants to fire him and eliminate his entire staff. That may not affect the price of gasoline, but grounding his private jet would reduce global warming more than eliminating all the belching cows.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

  “I will tell you what is the matter with California: it’s modesty, too much modesty… Take the case of oil. You all know we struck oil here in southern California. But did you let anybody else know it?” WA #47, Nov. 4, 1923


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