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Sunday, July 30, 2023
ISSUE #1168
Here’s Hunter, President Biden, Donald Trump, and Devon Archer: Pick a Side

A big surprise in Delaware. Hunter Biden did not escape with a slap on the wrist for a felony charge after all. Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika did what all of us are advised to do: before signing anything, read the fine print. She uncovered a tiny paragraph in a secondary document that would have freed the President’s son from any future charges against him.

Hunter then admitted he received over $600,000 from a company owned by Communist Chinese. Add that to the millions his partners claim he received, and you start wondering what Hunter did to earn that money while his dad was Vice-President. Was he secretly farming 5000 acres in Iowa and selling them soybeans? Could he have been manufacturing transmissions in Michigan for Chinese cars? Or did the Chinese get something more valuable from his dad and President Obama?

As soon as that News came out, the Justice Department announced an additional charge against Donald Trump and his employees at Mar-a-Lago. This was to provide the TV Networks and newspapers a choice of which News to cover. Lately, it seems they feel compelled to pick a side, and ignore the other side.

And Friday evening, while everyone was pre-occupied, President Biden whispered to People magazine that he has a new granddaughter. And she’s already 4 years old. He did not say whether she would be visiting the Biden mansion on Rehoboth Beach during his August vacation.

Tomorrow, Devon Archer, a long-time business partner of Hunter Biden’s, is supposed to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Republicans and Democrats on that committee will be just like the TV Networks: pick one side and ignore the other. On one side, the Justice Department has ordered him to report to prison for stealing $60 million. The other side emphasizes that he worked with Hunter and has personal knowledge of Joe Biden being a key part of that business.

It is doubtful the Biden Family will rise to the level of power and scandal of the political machine in New York known as Tammany Hall. But it’s possible we may learn that Joe Biden’s influence over 50 years in politics has enriched his family almost as much as William “Boss” Tweed enriched Democrat cronies (and himself at least $100 million) while he was boss of Tammany Hall.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

     “… with Tammany Hall, when [Franklin Roosevelt] threw out a sheriff that had been ‘hoarding’ the city’s money for ’em personally. Why, that will boost his stock in the [states]. Even if Tammany was to change and get respectable, the world wouldent believe it.”  WA #481, March 13, 1932


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