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Sunday, April 19, 2015
ISSUE #830
Hillary’s running; reporters are too

April 19 is a date that lives in a special kind of infamy because of deadly attacks by deranged kooks, including the one in Oklahoma City 20 years ago.  So far it seems we have gotten through another April 19 without any kind of terror attack on American soil.

I’m guessing our nation’s security forces were all on heightened alert today. If that wacky postman had delayed his mini-helicopter ride to the Capitol grounds until April 19, he would have been shot down for sure.

Hillary Clinton campaigned in Iowa last week. Iowa is where every candidate has to start, then on to New Hampshire and South Carolina. She stopped at a vocational school where about 50 reporters were waiting for her near the front door. But she had her van driven way around to a back door, with the reporters running wildly to get a glimpse of her before she disappeared inside. Another day she dined with a few hand-picked Iowans, but reporters were kept away.

She has been campaigning a week as the “champion for the middle class” but has avoided answering a single question about the middle class, or another other class. Other candidates were answering questions on the Sunday morning news programs, but not Hillary. So far the media are not complaining. She sent them an email that she will be in New Hampshire this week. So they are camped out in Manchester, waiting anxiously. Don’t be surprised if she avoids them completely and shows up in Myrtle Beach instead. You know, if she can successfully avoid media questions for another month, maybe they will simply avoid her.

Republicans are making fun of her Chevy van. Well, it won’t be long till at least a couple of the Republican candidates are campaigning in a bus. In Nashua, New Hampshire, Friday and Saturday, about 20 of ‘em gave speeches, one right after the other. Can you imagine sitting in the audience, having to endure 20 unique critiques of the Obama-Clinton administration.

What we want to hear, from all the candidates, is how to get the economy moving in high gear. It has been sputtering along, month after month. Oh, once in a while there is an optimistic report that things are getting better. Then the next month our hopes are dashed, with fewer new jobs and less spending by consumers.

I wrote last time about the California drought. City folks are complaining about having to cut back 25% while farmers don’t have to cut their water use at all. All the news articles say the farmers “use 80 percent of California water.” But they don’t, nowhere close to it. You might be surprised to learn that agriculture uses about 40%. Here’s the shocker: about 50% of all the water in California dams goes down the streams straight to the Pacific Ocean. Environmentalists insist on it. So, I suggest the city folks tell the governor to hold on to half of the half that’s currently “spilled” so they can take a bath as often as they need to for good hygiene.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

          “I know part of the presidential candidates personally—well, I know about 18 or 19 of them. The others I know by reputation. So I am going to give you the real facts as I see them.” WA #76, May 25, 1924


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