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Sunday, January 10, 2021
ISSUE #1045
Horrible day at the Capitol; What’s next? (and Cleveland Browns beat Steelers)

This has been a rough week for America. The invasion of the Capitol, which lasted several hours, was scary for our Senators and Representatives, their staffs and everyone else who was already in the building.

Now, we have had other “rough weeks” (and months) recently with protests that erupted in looting, riots, death and destruction. And Covid-19 which will last a lot more than a full year.

I am being cautious tonight, partly because it will show up on my Facebook page every year (if I don’t get kicked off). And “facts” are changing every day. The FBI is investigating, looking at thousands of photos and videos and making arrests. Congress will study security of the Capitol and likely recommend changes that will cost several million dollars. (I’m going out on a limb and predicting all entry doors will have locks, and windows will be bullet-proof.)

What about President Trump? We have always had cheating in elections. Sometimes it resulted in the wrong guy being President. But our political candidates have gotten used to it and accept the final vote of the Electoral College. Donald Trump is not a usual “political candidate.” Even after 4 years in office he never accepted that role. Thursday, in his refusal to accept the Nov. 3 result, he went over the edge. Even though Trump did not actually tell the crowd to “attack the Capitol,” that’s what they heard. (There are reports that the worst of the ring-leaders were already close to the Capitol and didn’t even hear Trump’s speech.)

Why weren’t a thousand heavily armed officers surrounding the Capitol? The Capitol Police Chief was caught flat-footed, partly because, in general, Trump rallies had been law-abiding and peaceful. Last summer a thousand police were in place to protect the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and other facilities from rioters intent on damaging buildings and tearing down statues. If the same force had been in place, no one would have gotten into the Capitol, no matter what Trump said to rile ‘em up.

The 2020 election was similar to 1932. Will Rogers said at the 1932 Democratic convention, no matter who you nominate, ‘if he lives till November he’s in.’ Trump had a good 3 years and believed he would cruise to re-election. In the fourth year, Covid-19 knocked out that optimistic result. A few other Presidents have pivoted successfully after catastrophes (For example, FDR after Pearl Harbor, and George W. Bush after 9/11.) Trump did not pivot. He still cannot believe he could lose to a candidate who never campaigned.

By the time you read this, Trump may have been impeached, fired, or persuaded to resign. I suggest they let him limp through until January 20. Then President Biden and the Democrats in Congress, if they choose, can calmly restore our faith in government. On Jan. 20, Trump and his entire family can retire to Florida where he can take out his frustrations on the golf course.

Great news for Cleveland. The hobbled, make-shift Browns beat the Steelers, 48-37. First win in Pittsburgh since 2003. First win in a playoff game since 1994. Goin’ to Kansas City!

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“An Indian (says) the reason a white man always got lost and an Indian didn’t was because an Indian always looked back after he passed anything so he got a view of it from both sides. You see the white man just figures that all sides of a thing are the same. That’s like a dumb guy with an argument, he don’t think there can be any other side only his. That’s what you call politicians.

You can learn a lot from what that Indian (said) besides just how not to get lost. You must never disagree with a man while you are facing him. Go around behind him and look the same way they do when you are facing him. Look over his shoulder and get his viewpoint, then go back and face him and you will have a different idea.” WA#514, October30, 1932

Randall Reeder


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