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Sunday, November 22, 2020
ISSUE #1038
Hurricanes, Harvard, Biden and the Vaccine

Hurricanes and tropical storms have been so prolific this year we have used up our entire alphabet and most of the Greek letters. It got me wondering, if hurricanes start heading toward Greece and we’ve used up all their letters, how will they name them? My guess is Greece will resort to Roman numerals. Yes, Hurricane I, Hurricane II, Hurricane III…

Harvard students are so upset with the failures of the Trump Administration they demanded that no one who worked there since 2016 be allowed to speak or teach at Harvard. They also implied that offspring of the 70 million who voted for Trump should not be admitted as students. I suggest that to be authentic, Harvard donate the Five Billion dollars their endowments gained in value during the Trump years. That $5,000,000,000 could help pay off student loans for those who couldn’t afford an Ivy League school, starting with young teachers and nurses.

President-elect Biden is upset that Trump won’t give his team details on how Covid vaccines will be distributed to the 50 states. I’ve heard the current plan by the military includes FedEx and UPS planes and delivery trucks. Considering the unbelievable speed of the development, testing, and production of the vaccines, maybe the folks in direct charge should be kept on until the first 100 million doses of vaccine have been delivered.

If President Biden wants his own people in charge after January 20, that’s fine as long as he ignores Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and her green energy plan. She would insist that all vaccines be delivered by Electric Vehicles and they could only use charging stations powered by wind or solar. To keep the vaccines cold, as low as 90 degrees below zero, her Squad partner, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, would suggest using blocks of ice cut from Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“You know it’s been said that when you graduate from Harvard or Yale it takes the next 10 years to live it down, and the next 40 to try to forget it.”  WA #160, Jan. 3, 1926

(Headline) “‘Harvard bars (Evangelist) Aimee (McPherson) from the campus.’ Harvard must have some smart men to think up all the fool things that school does to get notoriety.” DT #1633, Oct. 16, 1931


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