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Sunday, September 15, 2019
ISSUE #985
Impeachment, fracking and old TV shows

Did you watch the 3-hour Democrat debate? I wanted all ten candidates to answer a question about fossil fuels, but none was asked. (The Moderators were more interested in health insurance, immigration, and confiscating guns than they were in jobs, investments and the economy.)

Elizabeth Warren has been clear in her position on fracking: ban it immediately! I think I heard her say we would be completely off coal, gas and oil by 2035. Of course this drew a lot of attention in states that produce fossil fuels. Surprisingly, the leaders in states where people USE fuel had no reaction. Those are the folks who will suffer from higher prices, shortages, and blackouts.

You might say, “No, we’ll have all the energy we need from solar and wind.” Makes sense except for one drawback: wind machines are made with steel and solar collectors use a lot of plastic. Steel and plastic require a lot of coal, oil and gas. Hmmm. Maybe a President Warren would import them from China.

I want to compliment candidate O’Rourke of Texas for a positive comment about regenerative agriculture, which uses no-till and cover crops to build soil health and sequester carbon from the air. If the other candidates don’t know what that is, they had better ask an Iowa farmer to explain it.

Even though Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to hear the “I-word,”  over a hundred members of Congress have stated, in one way or another, a desire to impeach President Trump. Congressman Nadler of New York City and Congresswoman Waters of California have been yelling for impeachment even before he was inaugurated. Most of the hundred are a bit reluctant. Instead of “IMPEACH!” they use milder words such as inquiry, investigate, considering, possibly, probably, maybe…

Meanwhile, others in Congress want another guy impeached: Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. It’s for something he supposedly did in high school or college. Before the 535 members of Congress get all riled up about it, maybe they should reflect on their own younger years.

Did you hear that young folks are upset about reruns of the popular TV show “Friends.” I hope they don’t go all the way back and watch reruns of Gunsmoke. A lot of people got shot on those shows. And many folks around Dodge City did not like Indians.

Maybe we should concentrate on how we treat people today, and not complain about the way it was 20, 50 or 100 years ago.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“Poor Democrats, I love ‘em. Now they are dying to scare up an issue by trying to discredit Mr. Hoover because some lobbyist wrote a letter saying that he knew President Hoover’s secretary, and that the secretary was very partial to Cuban sugar in his coffee in the morning, and that in view of this dastardly plot Mr. Hoover should really be impeached. Then they wonder why they don’t get anywhere.” DT #1064, Dec. 23, 1929


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