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Sunday, October 30, 2022
ISSUE #1133
Injecting Truth into Politics. Halloween Costumes

Were you surprised to hear that gasoline was $5.00 a gallon in January 2021 and now it’s down to $3.39? That’s what President Biden said last week. However, most of us will recall gasoline was less that $3.00 when the President took office, not $5.00. Today it’s around $3.75 here in Ohio. As Will Rogers wrote in 1923, “If you ever injected truth into politics, you have no politics.”

(Background: Will wrote about Dr. Robert House of Texas, “who has invented a serum that when injected into you will make you tell the truth, at least for a while… It really is a wonderful thing, and if it could be brought into general use it would no doubt be a big aid to humanity. But it will never be, for already the politicians are up in arms against it. It would ruin the very foundation on which our political government is run.” WA#31, July 15, 1923)

       Do you think Elon Musk will inject truth into Twitter?  At the very least, maybe we’ll get to read lies from both sides instead of just one.

President Biden gave a speech Wednesday where he laid out how he is working to get inflation below 8%. Most of us are well acquainted with inflation because we buy gasoline, pay for heating our homes, and shop for groceries every week.

So, what does the President see as the #1 inflation item to tackle? Legroom on airplanes. He insists that airlines must stop charging passengers extra if they want 6 more inches of legroom. Oddly, he says this is unfair to ‘people of color.’ Does he think they have longer legs than people of no color? Can’t we find an issue that doesn’t involve racism?

By coincidence I’ll be flying to Tulsa this Thursday on Southwest Airlines. Maybe I’ll ask the boarding agents if I can have one of those seats with 6 more inches of legroom. I’ll ask with a smile because I already know the answer. They’ll say, politely, “Sir, the legroom for every passenger seat on the plane is the same. No extra charge.”

You probably know that 5,500,000 illegal immigrants have crossed our border with Mexico since January 2021. But half the country didn’t know we had a problem with illegal immigration until 49 of ‘em landed in Martha’s Vineyard in September. Maybe our major News outlets would have reported it earlier if 5 million had landed in Massachusetts instead of Texas and Arizona.

I heard we will spend $10 Billion on Halloween. Besides buying candy and costumes, dog owners are dressing up their pooch. I know children like fancy costumes. But would a Border Terrier look in the mirror and wonder, “How would I look in a Kamala Harris costume.”

How about putting a costume on your cat? Don’t even think about it! For most cats, with the scratching and clawing, your own scary costume would be splattered with real blood.

(I welcome your suggestions on matching a dog, or cat, with a politician.)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Politics is a great character builder. You have to take a referendum to see what your convictions are for that day.” DT #1199, May 29, 1930

“I love a dog; he does nothing for political reasons.” DT #2288, Dec. 3, 1933


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