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Sunday, September 3, 2023
ISSUE #1172
Is it a Disaster? Only if Caused by Climate Change

Has our climate changed? Yes! If climate hadn’t changed you wouldn’t find seashells on a mountain in Utah. If climate hadn’t changed, we wouldn’t have a hundred million acres of prime farmland south of the Great Lakes (they wouldn’t exist either). If climate hadn’t changed, President Biden couldn’t enjoy the hot sand at Rehoboth Beach because his house would be fifty miles from the coast.

Have you noticed that President Biden won’t comment on any disaster (except gun violence) unless he can blame it on climate change? The wildfire that wiped out most of Lahaina, Hawaii (killing over 100 people), forest fires in the Northwest, and a hurricane in Florida got his attention because he claims they were caused by a change in climate. He is waiting until a speechwriter comes up with a way to blame train derailments on global warming before he visits East Palestine, Ohio.

I’m not saying the President is old enough to remember the Ice Age, but anyone in national politics for fifty years should know that forest fires, hurricanes, floods, droughts, blizzards, and volcanos were a common occurrence long before Henry Ford mass-produced the Model T.

It is widely recognized that the United States contributes only 15% of the global warming gases. Do you really believe if we totally stopped burning fossil fuel, the climate would stop changing? The President’s admonitions about global warming should be directed at China and India. Now, if we want to assist poor countries, let’s help them import liquefied natural gas (LNG) and build pipelines so they can stop cooking and heating with wood, crop residue, and cow dung.

I read in the paper that we have racked up the highest credit card debt in history, over a Trillion dollars. It’s not that we bought more stuff or traveled more than a few years ago, but inflation has caused prices to rise 15 to 25 percent. Pay more, get less; the opposite of prosperity.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“(Herbert) Hoover, (didn’t) go out to play Golf… Hoover, being a great Red Cross man, he picked up a few Tornadoes and Hurricanes to kinder help fill in his spare time, and now and again a flood to sorter keep his hand in feeding the destitute. The first thing you know he had made himself so valuable at it that it looked like we couldent have a Calamity till he could get there to handle it. A lot of Calamitys that would have happened, we had to hold ’em off just on that account, for the man was booked up.” How To Be Funny, Jan. 19, 1929

      “We’ll show the world we are prosperous if we have to go broke to do it.” DT #413, Nov. 18, 1927

      “(on Prosperity) You will try and show that we are prosperous, because we HAVE MORE. I will show where we are NOT prosperous because we havent PAID for it YET.” Life magazine, August 9, 1928


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