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Sunday, October 31, 2021
ISSUE #1085
Is the $450,000 Lawsuit Real or Fake News?

By now you’ve probably heard about a Billion-dollar lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of illegal immigrants separated from their children when they got arrested for entering illegally.

See, instead of throwing the entire family into a jail cell, our Border officials figured it would be better to only jail the adult illegal immigrants. After all, if your local sheriff arrests a man and woman for selling drugs out of their house or apartment, they don’t put their kids in the cell with ‘em.

But some shyster lawyers came up with a plan to “get rich quick” by suing the government for putting these innocent children some place other than prison with their mom or dad. And to make it worthwhile these lawyers decided their share for each separated kid should be $150,000. They rake off a third which explains why they are demanding $450,000. That’s $450,000 for EVERY child. I bet any that got separated before January 20, 2017 aren’t eligible, and any child separated since January 20, 2021 ain’t either.

Was this fake news? Did they accidentally add three zeros when they meant $450? Today is a time for Halloween pranks, but this is more like an April Fool’s joke.

But the lawyers in the Biden Administration are taking the lawsuit serious! Now that’s scary. We never give any amount like this to children of murdered police officers, firefighters who die, or health care workers who died of Covid.

In July 1935, the American Bar Association invited “me” to speak at their convention in Los Angeles. They proudly said they were gathered ‘To save the Constitution and preserve State’s rights.’ But I told those 3500 lawyers, “What they ought to be here for is to kick the crooks out of their profession… They seemed to kinder doubt just who would have to leave. Pretty serious, some of ’em. But the big percentage are regular guys.”

I hope the Bar Association will track down these shysters who filed the lawsuit and disbar them. That is if they are American citizens. If any of them are here illegally, kick ‘em out of the country.

Now, you and I both know there are more important problems facing this country than trying to please a gaggle of lawyers. That’s why I’m still suspicious of this news story. Could it have been leaked so we wouldn’t notice how many Trillions of dollars our President will promise countries at the Climate Summit this week to deal with rising sea levels and warmer temperatures? Or maybe the rising cost to heat our homes this winter? Do they want us to forget about the hundreds of Americans being held by Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan?

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“American Bar Association yesterday come out very strong against unethical and shyster lawyers. Looks like I been vindicated.” DT #2793, July 18, 1935

“Say, did you read about 300,000 grown folks in Chicago [on] Halloween? They tore down a [World’s] fair that it took ’em two years to erect… It’s just the old kittenish Chicago spirit. They just love pranks, shooting each other or something, then too, modern plumbing has about done away with Halloween fun anyhow.” DT #2570, Nov. 1, 1934 [in the old days outhouses were often overturned for “fun”]

(I attempt to write with Will Rogers’ style and philosophy, poking fun at issues and political decisions. As an engineer I also try to offer solutions and common sense.)


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