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Sunday, October 18, 2020
ISSUE #1033
Is the Election over?  

With two weeks left until the official Election Day, the polls are showing Biden has it wrapped up. About the only ones that disagree are Trump supporters who keep showing up by the thousands to see him.

The only hope for the underdog Trump is the third Debate this Thursday. If the Moderator from NBC News is like her NBC colleague in the “half debate” with Trump last week it will be intense.

Six debate topics have been announced including American Families and their financial condition. Don’t be surprised if Trump zeroes in on the Biden Family financial condition.

Trump might also ask a question about adding six Supreme Court Justices. So far Biden has been talking mainly about the Trump Administration. Trump will insist Biden talk about a Biden Administration.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“If all the charges that’s been made in regard to both the Candidates were layed end to end it would take ’em over two hours to pass a given point. And if all the ‘Denials’ were heaped in a pile, Lindbergh couldn’t fly over ’em.  You know it’s a funny thing about a denial; it takes twice as many words to deny it as it did to make it.” Life magazine, Oct. 19, 1928

“The Literary Digest is taking a poll to see how many people there are in the United States who are interested in politics that can write their name. Up to now there has been about a third more Republicans that can write than Democrats. Course, when election day comes and all you have to do is make your mark, why I think the Democratic total will pick up. Republicans have to learn to write on account of signing checks, but Democrats never have to be bothered with that.” DT #695, Oct. 18, 1928

“Hoover dug up a whole new subject last night, and made the best speech of his campaign. It was about keeping Congress and the Senate from having anything to do with the nation’s business. If he had gone a step further and come out for their entire abolishment, I believe he would have been elected unanimously on the spot.” DT #699, Oct. 23, 1928

“Of all the ‘dumb’ issues that candidates bring up to try and influence people how to vote, I think ‘prosperity’ takes the cake. How a speaker can convince a man that he is prosperous when he is broke or that he is not prosperous when he is doing well is beyond me.” DT #704, Oct. 29, 1928

“I honestly believe there is people so excited over this election that they think the President has something to do with running this country.” DT #1946, Oct. 30, 1932


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